Pssst. I’m Still Here.

just a nudge. thinking about you guys. yep. we're still here. just working on "CODENAME TSO" like fools.

i can't remember the last time i got to bed before 3am. up at 7:30. rinse. repeat over the course of the last 3 months.

the upside? holy crap this thing is cool.  the downside?  i think these bags under my eyes will be permanent….

it's gonna need a crapload of help documentation, tho. we're working to make the basics pretty intuitive, but, the gameplay is so retardedly diverse that there's a lot of splainin' to do, i'm sure.

heh. that's what our public alpha testers will be for.

you guys will earn some serious stripes for the first month or so of this thing being public. you may not be able to keep your characters come beta and launch, but, you'll still have your sweet, sweet badges. only 2 weeks to go.
anyway. steel anvil studios is terribly, terribly jacked to get this thing out the door. it looks to be fun and addictive. viral and yet still sticky.

mmm… gooey.


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  1. Poker Player on

    Well, you DO know that you need sleep, which is good.

    Coding for weeks and months on end can drive you nuts – that’s one reason why I play what you guys code. I still remember the joy and fulfillment I had inside when writing my programs myself – in FORTRAN, COBOL, and BASIC.

    (Okay, I’m old, what can I say? I learned how to program using punch cards – literally!)

    It sucks when you get out of the field for a while – the knowledge gap is overwhelming to get back in.

    Good luck!

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