… And Sony Share Prices Plummet.

Reeves: PS3 Market Share 'Not Important'

seriously.  what the hell?



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  1. Poker Player on

    That would be what’s known as ‘damage control’. AKA, oh, crap, we’ve f&*#ed up this time.

  2. Troy Gilbert on

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sony has lost this round already. The internal word at my employer is that even when applying the most sophisticated optimization techniques known to rendering by our most senior engineers, the PS3 is about half the speed of the Xbox360 when it comes to rendering performance. And that’s without applying the same effort to the Xbox360.

    I’ve heard this same sentiment echo’d throughout the game industry. The PS3 is basically a blu-ray player with some game components added on. Hello, CD-i!

    The Xbox360 will become the dominant “hardcore/serious” home video console, potentially becoming more mainstream as it bridges between PC and living room better. I think Microsoft will eventually use the Xbox360 as it’s replacement for WebTV and/or Windows Media Center Edition.

    The Wii will serve the same distinction that Nintendo always has: the kid-friendly option, the unique interface, fun-oriented… though obviously still appealing to the nostalgic game player, or the game player with a large appetite.

  3. Grindstone on

    So rather than a console war, we are actually in a media center war?

    Well someone ought to send out a damn memo about this! We’re engaged in a war that doesn’t exist. And I, for one, am so confused.

  4. Factory on

    Hmm the point he’s trying to make is that Sony ATM has so much marketshare that it wouldn’t be worth trying to go for complete dominance the money they get back wouldn’t be as much as the money they would have to put in.
    OTOH if they grew the market for consoles in general, then they just have to maintain their marketshare to increase profits.
    This assumes that Sony believe that they will have no trouble maintaining their marketshare, which not everyone agrees with.

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