A Little Announcement

hmmm. i dunno if any of that made sense to you guys. maybe you’ll understand more here soon.

we’re pushing our game up to our dedicated hosting facility the week of the 19th, i think. if they’re ready for us anyway. if not, it’ll be shortly afterwards.

it’s gonna be in a rough alpha state, but most of the core features should be ready. (run tj! run!) we just want to start populating the world with real people instead of “punching bags” and get some early feedback to help hone the final incarnation.

we’re hoping to move into a beta state by the end of july. that’s when we’ll actually start to put some marketing muscle behind it. we should have all the basic features ready for deployment.

please note that us moving out of a pre-alpha, proof of concept state does not constitute a real “launch.” we just want to get some community feedback on what we’re building. we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

that’s just one of the things you can do on the web you can’t do in the desktop application world.

more soon.



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