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Alpha Delayed.

i know, i know. i’ve been delaying it long enough.

tho. this time, it’s really not my fault. i’ve spent all week dealing with dedicated hosting support nightmares and (in my opinion deal breaking) incompitencies.

the hosting company — to remain nameless as of yet — has worked hard to win back my opinion, tho. if everything they’ve promised goes smoothly this weekend and into next week, we’ll stay with them. if not: the boot and all the bile-ridden, blog-flaming they can handle.

so, we may go live next week, or if things go south, as soon as we get a new hosting company.

anyway, sorry about that guys. (all 3 of my readers, heh.) if you want pre-alpha access, let me know. i’ll set you up with an account on our dev box.


Chaos Gate Going to Alpha

so. 'chaos gate' is the sub-descriptor title for our web-based mmorpg. and, we're going alpha next week.

we just got the server up and running this morning around 2am. gotta clean some stuff up this next week. should have the game ready for alpha testers by next weekend.

at this point, only the brave need apply. however, we won't be keeping it secret anymore, so it'll be a full public alpha. and, you guys can check out the hard work that i swear is gonna put tj in the hospital. (he seriously deserves your sympathy. i sure as hell wouldn't work with me.)

i'm floggin' him like the ugly scullery-urchin he is.

"work faster, man! go, go, go! it's only 2am, you sissy!"


Oh. My. God.

what the hell are they thinking?

"bob.  i've got an idea."

"what's that, joe?"

"let's do a podcast!"

"great idea!  when can the pr department work up a script?"

"in about 2 weeks.  do we have any monkeys to read it?"

"hmmm…  good question.  i'll dig some up."

sony is going to become a synonym for bad here soon.  i mean, how do you write, direct, read, record and post that without knowing it's the worst thing ever published?

i was able to make it through about 4 minutes before i had to shut it off.  i've sat through quarterly earnings presentations that were more exciting than that. 

seriously.  embarrassing.

all i can do is hope the penny arcade guys get ahold of it.  heh.  pure comedy gold. 


Pssst. I’m Still Here.

just a nudge. thinking about you guys. yep. we're still here. just working on "CODENAME TSO" like fools.

i can't remember the last time i got to bed before 3am. up at 7:30. rinse. repeat over the course of the last 3 months.

the upside? holy crap this thing is cool.  the downside?  i think these bags under my eyes will be permanent….

it's gonna need a crapload of help documentation, tho. we're working to make the basics pretty intuitive, but, the gameplay is so retardedly diverse that there's a lot of splainin' to do, i'm sure.

heh. that's what our public alpha testers will be for.

you guys will earn some serious stripes for the first month or so of this thing being public. you may not be able to keep your characters come beta and launch, but, you'll still have your sweet, sweet badges. only 2 weeks to go.
anyway. steel anvil studios is terribly, terribly jacked to get this thing out the door. it looks to be fun and addictive. viral and yet still sticky.

mmm… gooey.


… And Sony Share Prices Plummet.

Reeves: PS3 Market Share 'Not Important'

seriously.  what the hell?


I Think I Can. I Think I Can.

it's like the little game genre that could!

Time to play some games. I click open my All-in-One sidebar in Firefox and open the Games folder. There are tons of web-based games on the list, but I click on Mafia Boss, a little turn-based gem that lets me recruit whores and bootleggers, hitmen and thugs.

must.  reach.  main.  stream….


A Little Announcement

hmmm. i dunno if any of that made sense to you guys. maybe you’ll understand more here soon.

we’re pushing our game up to our dedicated hosting facility the week of the 19th, i think. if they’re ready for us anyway. if not, it’ll be shortly afterwards.

it’s gonna be in a rough alpha state, but most of the core features should be ready. (run tj! run!) we just want to start populating the world with real people instead of “punching bags” and get some early feedback to help hone the final incarnation.

we’re hoping to move into a beta state by the end of july. that’s when we’ll actually start to put some marketing muscle behind it. we should have all the basic features ready for deployment.

please note that us moving out of a pre-alpha, proof of concept state does not constitute a real “launch.” we just want to get some community feedback on what we’re building. we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

that’s just one of the things you can do on the web you can’t do in the desktop application world.

more soon.


Dual Delivery

so. here’s something fun that i fantasize about. with the development of this fun web-based rpg stuff, wouldn’t it be fun to play a 3d console game version too? at the same time?

as long as the game mechanics are relatively balanced, why couldn’t you play in a browser, passively, during the day and actively at night? why can’t big central-server-based mmog’s build out site that access the database content?

i mean. that’s all the games are, right? databases.

and, i don’t mean the minimal interactions folks have talked about for years. i mean, full-fledged, xp-earning romps in your browser playing equally with your character in the 3d game. beat down someone in pvp in the browser gives you credit for beating down that person in the “traditional” game.

if you want to talk about a persistent world, open up access to the millions and millions of cube workers during the day who would love to passively advance their avatar.

me? i’d love to build an xbox live arcade game that supports one of my web-based games. (yeah — “one of.” we’ve got 3 more after the current one we want to do!)