Travel Day

today's a travel day. the family and i are heading to virginia beach. gonna play in the sand for a week. i have a feeling it will be a working vacation, tho.

well. as much as joc will let me. heh.



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  1. Grindstone on

    Enjoy yourself. Meanwhile, back in Oregon, ol’ Grindstone will be attending to his 14 day old daughter who, despite her petite size and neophyte status, seems to be a little too high maintenance. As a matter of fact, if things do not shape up soon, I will be forced to admit that she is a vampire, as she sleeps all day, has an aversion to light, and is a terror during the night, preying upon those who sleep.

    Seriously though, what drives a man to sit at his desk, holding a staple remover and a paperclip while vigorously searching the web looking for a home remedy vasectomy? Well, one thing is obvious, she is definitely my child, as I know a certain dad who got a vasectomy after having a kid as well…

    Again, have fun. I’ll be here, coaxing my daughter to sleep, one sore arm at a time.

  2. Juuso - Game Producer on

    Hi… I couldn’t find your email so I’m using this comment to contact you. I would like to exhange blog links, so please email me (…or simply set up the link. I’ve already added yours to my site)

    Oh, and hopefully traveling day was ok 🙂

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