Tears. Eyes. Crying. Laughing. Can’t. Stop.

ah lord and baby jesus, that is funny.

so, in reading this moderately humorous post about the 'redesigning' of all the promised features of the ps3 (who the hell announces hardware then takes it out and is successful in the market?)  when i came across this comment regarding all of the ps-hate-bandwagoning:

This debate will have to be settled in the only effective and universal way known to man:

1. size of penis
2. pie eating
3. an actual fight

Best of three wins.

Tie breaker: how far can you flob

good god.  i'm still chuckling and that was 30 minutes ago.


2 comments so far

  1. Grindstone on

    Ha! Hahahahahha!


    Wait! Hahaahahahahhaahh! Oh my, that is good. Now they should address the “no global launch” and “no multiple SKU” lies as well.

  2. […] runs through a lot of the same things i’ve been saying since as early as last november. […]

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