PS3 Price

who's your daddy, bitch?

all i can say is thank you future ps3 owners for proving me right by shouldering the financial burden of sony's stupid hi-def disc format that no one cares about nor wants. bravo. job well done.


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  1. Anonymice on

    Hey, check GameSpot, m3mnoch. The ‘base’ PS3 has *no* HDMI output. No HDMI output means no HDCP copy protection. No HDCP copy protection security blanket means no HD playback from the Blu-Ray for movies…

    …what the hell is Sony thinking? The $500 Blu-Ray player that doesn’t play Blu-Ray movies in HD! Amazing!

    I thought the Premium/Core 360 packages were dumb, but Sony outshines them.

  2. Isaac on

    It looks like we were both right… or something. Two SKUs. One is 500, another one is 600. Fucking retarded.

    I know I’m going to get it, but Sony just shot themselves in the foot. While their controller way of saying “me too” for both the “LIVE button” and “gyroscopic features” is alright (after all, it’s competition), it’s idiotic to not include HDMI in all consoles; doesn’t that go against their purposes of world format domination? I know movies at first won’t need it, but eventually they will. *sigh*

    Even worse, I thought it was a great idea to be wireless out of the box on *every* console. So good because that’s how Nintendo has reached a million+ consumers so fast (that and a relatively robust online service).

    I seriously fear Sony’s demise because they’ve had such a great run. :_-(

    On a side note, I’m excited about the games anyway (FFXIII! I hope music doesn’t suck for it like it did for FFX). And I bet many Japanese are very excited with these announcements, regardless of the price.

    Greetings, m3mnoch. I salute you.

  3. Joe on

    yea i have been tell thowe retards at joysitck for 6 months how fucked sony is.

    we were all right!


    xbox just need to release gears of war now and be done with it.
    slay the bloated beast

  4. m3mnoch on

    heh. isaac. you were the first one i thought of when they announced the price. i remember us talking about it. damn poetic.


  5. Virtuoso on

    Ten years ago, who would have thought that consoles would be more expensive than PCs?

  6. Opa on


    I can’t even begin to comprehend what Sony is thinking. They over shot and fell short in every single area.

    Utterly amazing. Apparently they never read Andy Grove’s books. They hit the inflection point and never adapted.

    A crucial blow was the loss of GTA exclusivity, not to mention exclusive DLC being offered to 360. That just skewed a million consoles toward MS.

    The graphics of Gran Turismo are laughably bad – wtf is with the textures of the hillside? The people look like they were made from paper.

    And where the hell was Killzone 2?

  7. Grindstone on

    Heh, well, this isn’t anything new for those of us who consistently tried to remind people the PS3 would be expensive.

    From all of us, a resounding “I told you so!”.

  8. Isaac on

    Just one thing I wanted to say… I remember that when we were discussing about the price (before GDC), the PS3 was supposedly not going to have a hard drive (well, it was going to be optional). So I guess that’s why I also came with the 500 price tag. Of course, a 20 GB HDD can’t cost a lot, unless you look at the 360 HDD.

    By the way, your opinion should be interesting on something that came to my mind. Do you think it will be an advantage for PS3’s CPU to not necessarily have to decompress everything (well, as much as 360 I guess; and assuming games do get big)? Assuming that games don’t necessarily get that big, thanks to procedural synthesis of course, do you think 360 will “waste” time generating dynamic content while the PS3 does other things, given its static content “advantage”, or what would you say on the matter? Oh, and do tell me if I’m screwing up with these questions… lol

    Anyway, I also wanted to know your opinion on these topics:

    -Sega and EA are supposedly impressed with PS3, saying something like the PS3 hardware is awesome (well, obviously in other words).

    -Carmack said that PS3 does reach higher performance peaks but that it is a *bitch* to program for (again, in other words).

    -CliffyB said that PS3 “looks to become an awesome machine” or something like that, but that the games will look the same to mom and dad. (He called it the mom test)

    -THQ said that they don’t even have a final dev kit… yet they mentioned that games for PS3 costs ramp up to 25 -yes, twenty five- million dollars! What the hell does that mean? Salaries too high? Employes that are too specialized? Too many tools needed? Or is simply Kutaragi is asking for developers to fill those Blu-ray discs? Is that even a reasonable claim?

    OK, a bunch of random thoughts, but who else can say something useful or thoughtful while at the same time being informed about it? Anyway, I’ve got “Damage Insurance” exam tommorrow, and I hate that subject, so I’m gonna study some more to get done with it.

    Look forward to your thoughts. That is, when you have free time of course… Good luck with your game.

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