CNET on SDForum

raph points us to cnet's take on the sdforum yesterday. like he said earlier, there appears to be a lot of talk on how the myspace model fits into a virtual world. (on the second page) over here, we can tell you exactly how a site like myspace fits into a virtual world definition.

"Things like MySpace, which are big flourishing communities–what they lose in 3D experience, they make up in high degree of interoperability."

can i get an amen to that?

sophisticated community tools? check. high level of content syndication? check. tons of user created content? check. highly personalized, online distributed avatar? check. grand themes and a world setting to tie it all together? check. equal opportunity play styles? check, check.

and, in our world, you can still have teamspeak running while you cook, joi.


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