Welcome Aboard JayIsGames.com Folks.

hey. thanks for the pointer to me, andrew.

and, yeah. travian is totally fun for a bit. me? i'm one of those bastards who plays teutons and got real big real quick. i'm also a min/maxer at heart, so, i haven't wasted any time or resources to getting to catapults.

oh. my. god.

they are game enders. i'm melting people's workshops from level 10 to gone in one attack. that's just not right.

anyway, my point was that the game we've been working on isn't going to have those kinds of power imbalances. in our 'super-secret passive game,' one of the great rules (i think) is that you can never attack someone weaker than you — unless they attack you first.

that should solve a lot of the issues with the folks who just want to casually poke around.

well. that, and it's turn-based, so, it doesn't matter how much free time you have. you can only make 48 moves a day. period. you can burn through 4 days worth of them in 1/2 hour, or you can trickle them out during each day. however you want to play.

anyway. i'm rambling now. really just wanted to say hey to the jayisgames.com folks flowing in.


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