That’s It! Brilliant!

so, i just figured out how to finish our game on time! we can just rent a developer!

er. no.

what the hell are you going to get done in 3 months? you'd have to have your 60 page game design doc (with only 3 months, you're limited to arcade/casual games) fully fleshed out, concept illustrations done and milestones planned.

pretty much, if you've done all that work already, you might as well just keep going. save yourself $200k.

that's just silly.

tho. i'm sure someone will take them up on it. if only to get a demo or proof of concept out the door. that's really the only way it makes sense.

spec work to get funding.


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  1. Jonas Antonsson on

    This is one EBay listing that I wouldn’t be surprised to see on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It is pretty funny.

    That said, it is also a pretty original advertisement. But I agree with you that 90 days probably isn’t enought to accomplish anything “grand”, especially when one considers the price…

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