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so. what the hell is sony doing? you have to have hdmi 1.3 now to hook up your ps3 for 1080p? talk about being over built. this damn thing isn't even made for this decade: GDC 2006: Playstation 3 without HDMI


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  1. Grindstone on

    Well, I can’t blame them for looking ahead… way ahead of the current consumer market. HDMI 1.3, maybe it’ll be imprortant 4 years from now, when the XBox 720 comes out.

    Meh, I still think the PS3 is just generally overbuilt — too many options for something geared primarily for gaming. I know they have stated it isn’t a gaming machine, but just by namesake it is (public knowledge, name recognition). If it is $500, it’ll be a good bargain for what you get.

  2. Isaac on

    I’m getting sick and tired of the next-gen buzz. The Nintendo Revolution will be relatively underpowered, you won’t be able to enjoy PS3 at its fullest unless you make a big investment in a home-theatre, and the Xbox 360 still doesn’t have a game (or a bunch of) that I’m willing to spend 60 + tax on.

  3. Grindstone on

    Time to move to Oregon, Isaac. Better yet, southwest Washington. That way, you can cross the Columbia River, buy non-taxed merchadize in Oregon, and pay lower income tax by living in Washington.


    Regardless of all that, I support your statements, except for “relatively underpowered”; it is, in fact, drastically underpowered for a machine that is supposed to have a shelf life extending through 2010. Meanwhile, the PS3 is made for consumers after 2010. The 360 problem will be remedied shortly.

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