Putting Some Hard Numbers To Passive Web Game Advertising

so. i've been going on and on about this whole passive web game craze. just thought i'd fill you in on some information that's public that i've found.

take this game, the crims. it's not really in our particular genre (well. at launch anyway.) but it's the precise web ad format we'll be using. check this adbrite page out.

that says average cpc is $0.18. that's pretty much what i expected. now, if there was only one advertiser on their site and it was an adbrite advertiser, the crims would earn $50.50 per day per advertiser. so, depending on how many advertisers they actually employ (5=$250/day, 50=$2500/day, 500=$25,000/day) who have ads on their rotating 3-ad block, that can add up to a crap-ton of money fast.

and, that's only adbrite. not even their google ads. and, they get about 5% of travian's traffic.

mmmm… online web game advertising.


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