Make Way for the Little Guy!

introversion was already in my book of admired game devs just because darwinia is so damn cool. however, they've now moved up into the upper eschelon.

viva la resistance!


UPDATE: it was the "Seumas McNally Grand Prize" introversion won. not seumas mcnally himself building darwinia. which, makes total sense — duh. thanks for the correction troy! i was thinking that sounded weird when i wrote it. i'm a bit distracted these days….


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  1. Grindstone on

    I appreciate his honesty.

  2. Troy Gilbert on

    Just to clarify, the developer from Darwinia is not Seumas McNally. A quick google should clear things up; the IGF grand prize is named in honor of Seamus, who I believed died of cancer at a young age. Seamus was an active member of the young indie game dev community.

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  4. Bob Stuart on


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