The Pain of PC Gaming

just thought i’d put this little bit out there….

i’m not much of a pc gamer anymore. the constant hardware upgrade cycle did me in. i’m a console game guy now because It Just Works.™

that being said, a little birdy told me there are 25,000+ peers currently all hooked into a bittorrent of a pirated copy of oblivion for the pc.

ouch. you pc gamers are killing your own platform.

developers don’t want to make games for a platform where they don’t make any money. not that, i guess, all 25k of those downloaders would actually buy the game, but still, that’s an eye-opener.

pc gaming, per se, isn’t going to die off, but, it’s gonna turn into a platform for the casual game, that’s for sure.

[voice of soup nazi] : No big titles for you!


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  1. nihill on

    I also heard that right now, at least where I live, that it’s not possible to get a copy of the game if you haven’t pre-ordered it. Again, this is all 2nd hand, but I wonder if there is a correlation?

    That being said, I think it is unfortunate that so many people are pirating a title, and I could certainly see a negative impact on PC gaming due to that fact.

    As another interesting note, I took a look at the 10 most active torrents for xbox games and noticed that they were showing 284.049 downloads. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that PC Games have the corner on pirated software. While it may be easier to pirate software for PCs, console games also have a ‘problem’. To be fair, I should also say that the most active torrent for PC games surpassed this mark by itself 🙂


  2. Grindstone on

    Wow. I haven’t played a pirated game since the Commodore64, and that game was called Pirates. A little irony there.

    I hate upgrading my PC. As a matter-of-fact, I’m not going to do it anymore. Sure, I’ll download the most recent patch from Sid Meier’s so I can play those addictive Civ games, but no more RAM purchases, no more high-end GPUs, no more mother boards — nothing! My PC gaming is slowly rolling to a halt. And with that bittorrent news, I have no problems watching it all end. Besides, laptops are taking the lead.

  3. Chris on

    I sat down and explained piracy to a co-worker one day. He was able to cite the perfect example of a friend with hundreds of warez games, who only buys three or four titles a year. “Look at all those lost sales! He’s got 25 or 50 games for every game he purchased.”

    Of course, the whole story is the big warez guy lives in his mom’s basement and doesn’t have a job. He buys so few titles because that’s all he can afford. As you said, m3mnoch, the gaming industry didn’t lose a customer in this case, but seems to have kept one: without pirated titles, he would have long ago lost interest in games and would have picked up drinking or drug abuse or loose women as a hobby. As it is, publishers get more than half of his disposable income, and that’s a statistic of which to be proud. 😉

    Grindstone: I haven’t upgraded my PCs since December 2004 when I got a couple new video cards for the gaming machines. I foolishly bought a PowerBook G4 in October 2005 so the only games I get to play are WoW and WC3. It’s sad but true that the only games I want to buy these days are the ones I can play with my wife, so we’re almost exclusively buying MMOs. Unfortunately, those come with increasingly high system requirements so we’re back to playing old games (when they haven’t been canceleld) or no games.

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