Setting Expectations

i just thought i'd set everyone's expectations as to my periodic posting. i will probably go dark here for a while. i may actually pop my head in once in a while to say hello or such, but, we've set a pretty aggressive timeline for finishing this thing out so we can get some public feedback.

we've got an official alpha milestone in 45 days — which we really need to make because that next week, we'll be at e3, drinking our faces off. mmmmm… that's what e3 is really about, you know.

anyway. i will, however, leave you with this tidbit. think all the fun of mmo gameplay coupled with the community, publishing and portability aspects that make the web huge. now, layer that over a highly normalized database that let's us completely swap out content so we can add multiple genres.

also, here's a fun shortlist of some of the cool features:

  • 3 different character templates – Adventurers, Merchants or Bards
  • Craft your own items. Any item you can imagine with any powers you can imagine is possible.
  • Set up a store to sell your items.
  • Create your own skills and spells or choose pre-existing ones.
  • Simply purchase items from some other store and head for the hills for some High Adventure.
  • Battle other players one-on-one.
  • Build your own adventure areas for other players to experience.
  • Everyone has Health, Conditions, Skills, Attributes or Items.
  • Earn badges, trophies, etc.
  • Join a Guild and take over a city.
  • Carry, store, display or sell anything you own.
  • Earn money by selling items, questing or having people play through your own hand crafted adventures.
  • View/Send/Subscribe/Publish (Static, Email, RSS, etc.) your own challenge history.
  • Challenge another player to a duel, a cooking contest or a dance off. It's only limited by your imagination.
  • World-level events and high level story affect everyone.
  • Play at your own pace.

we're starting with a high fantasy pack. others will follow. well. as long as everyone digs on it anyway. heh.



7 comments so far

  1. haveblue on

    Take care. Hope the deadline work isn’t too hard. I look forward to your future posts when you “come back”.

  2. m3mnoch on

    thanks man. oh, i’ll be back to posting full time soon. don’t worry about that. i have too many loud opinions not to.



  3. puh_fifer on

    Sounds kinda like Runescape but fun, best of luck. I’ll be sure to play, even beta test if you need a guinea pig….

  4. jc on

    booooo!! no more
    I’ve been checking out your blog everyday! oh well…
    good luck with your project~

  5. Grindstone on

    I want more! I want more!


    Okay, fine, I understand if reality is getting in the way. Happens to me everyday when I wake up.

    Good luck with the project. And no, I do not make a good guinea pig, but I do make a good liar.

  6. goldstone on

    Mmm, are you still handing out alpha accounts?

  7. m3mnoch on

    yessir. we sure are. i’ll send you a quick email.


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