Video Game Podcasting

once upon a time, i was going to setup a podcasting network (i actually still own the url if anyone wants to buy it.  heh.) and one of the shows i was going to have was my own.  it was going to be a video game podcast.  it’d be a weekly thing talking about implications (not just reading press releases) of stuff happening in the world of video games.

of course, other, more fun things came up and, since i didn’t want to do it alone (tike was going to be my co-anchor), it withered on the vine.  my uncle-in-law is actually a radio d.j. so, in a time where all the podcasts were only about geeky stuff, i had him do an ‘everyday joe’ show.  could have been fun, but, again, withered on the vine.


my point is, i’m looking for some pretty decent video game podcasts.  anyone got any ideas?

i would just search on itunes, but, i hate the fact that i don’t have access to their catalog without installing their software.  (i think itunes is malware and refuse to put it on my computer)  so, i’m looking for some decent suggestions.

just something to entertain me while i’m wading through c# and stored procedures.



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  1. paradox on

    This is kind of off the point, but why is iTunes malware exactly? Just curios. I’m not a crazy apple fanboy, I just use iTunes.

  2. Tom on

    Hi, I happened to find your post. I am one of the hosts of a new video game podcast called Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio. Give our podcast a try, you may like it. I also like the Video Game Outsiders podcast.

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