SAS on Duty, Sir

well. hopefully, i will actually be able to sleep sometimes over the next couple months. we're in full tilt over here because i've pulled some of my team over at steel anvil studios to work on 'my side project' that has become 'our main project.'

here're your friendly neighborhood sas developers pimpin' the game, me included, of course:

  • christopher d. chapman – core game, programming, database and art director
  • t.j. nelson – programming and database design
  • ben bruno – writer, graphic design, breaker of stuff
  • kameron groenlund – writer, breaker of stuff

(vlad. sorry you're not in the list, man. maybe next time!)

now that the team is assembled and on fire, we should be able to crank out some good stuff pretty quickly.

viva la passive gaming!


p.s. that is, if we can talk ben (stile) out of his quest for an 8 ranking in wow pvp….


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  1. vlad on

    At least you haven’t forgotten me! =)

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