Ooh! Ohh! Me too!

the playstation 3 should be called the playstation ‘that microsoft dictated the featureset for’ 3.

wow. talk about a blanket ripoff. i was sooooo expecting something different — more ‘we’re the leader’ instead of ‘follow the leader.’ disappointing.

i mean, i literally (swear to god. arms in the air and everything.) jumped up and cheered at the ‘free’ sony live… er… hub… er… the playstation network platform. [editor’s note: what kind of retarded, non-brandable name is that? good lord.] much to my disappointment, it was just like the xbox live silver.

maybe the they’re doing a staggered launch? nope. copying microsoft’s move. media server? yup. ‘live’ games? yup. anything new on the ps3? nope. they just confirmed all of the earlier reporting.

cool information on stuff we wanted? the price? no. well. i guess we sorta got launch dates — november-ish.

and, at 1 million units a month (flat, not even taking into consideration some kind of ramp-up-2-million-in-the-last-month sort of thing) is only 300k-500k units for north america for the holidays.

um. okay.

blu-ray only games? erg. okay. look, ma! i get to pay $10 more for my game for copy protection! yay! they think i’m a crook!

i suppose, at least they put a name to downloadable backwards compatibility.

on the brighter side of things, tho. there was some killer stuff that came out for their other product, the psp. ps1 games downloadable to psp flash? hell yeah! ff7 on the psp gets me all warm and fuzzy. maybe i’ll actually finish the damn thing.

and, there was a bright spot about analog hdtv support for the ps3. that’s actually really cool.

my official opinion? 3 things:

  1. ken kutaragi sounds more and more like charlie brown’s teacher every day.
  2. microsoft has completely and utterly dictated sony’s ps3 strategy to them putting microsoft firmly in the driver’s seat of this console generation.
  3. the ps3 announcement was less that and more of a ‘our other products’ announcment.


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  1. Isurus on

    I was completely dissapointed by the announcements as well. To me it just seemed like another conference to tell people “don’t by a 360 because we will be coming out with the same thing in 9 months and we will have a blueray drive and 60 gig harddrive”.
    Unlike you though, I was not pleased by the stupid PS1 emulator for the PSP. I don’t want to play old game, I want new games. I think it would be cool if they instead did something similar to LIVE and had indie games available for download on the PSP. Those are the types of games I think are great for handhelds – not PS1 games that require more buttons and sometimes an additional analog stick. I was really hoping that they would announce some killer new apps along with the price decrease for the PSP. Instead, we just got a dumb emulator. On a side-note though, it would be cool if they would release the code for the emulator. I have a hard enough time getting a SNES emulator to run efficiently on the PSP, yet along a PS1 emulator. Yeah, it is there hardware, but still. I wonder if they are instead going to re-write the code to run on the PSP or have a separate emulator for every game sort of like the 360.
    There were just not enough specifics in the announcements to even be news worthy. For instance, they say “HDD Required”. Required? Does that mean “included”? Who the hell translates these presentations into English?

  2. Isaac on

    “Charlie Brown’s teacher”

    lol, when where you born, m3mnoch? I feel young.

    Anyway, who knows, maybe PSNP (Piss n’ Pee lol) will be cheaper anyway. I love the fact that it is a “Hard Drive with Linux”. It comes mandatory with all consoles (it was confirmed by ps3.ign.com, as reported by Joystiq). The price will probably be ridiculous… or Sony might be willing to shoot themselves in the foot a little more (or maybe they won’t, but anyway), but if Sony gets their shit together, they might be able to sell PS3s as actual cheap computers, not expensive consoles. I mean:

    A blu-ray media player that happens to play a lot of games, which is also expandable, and has a lot of high end technologies… which who knows, if it has Linux, might it be able to be used as a workstation? All for 600?!?! (alright, TV not included) This should be a steal if well implemented by Sony. Let’s hope they don’t blow it.

    And to tell you the truth m3mnoch, I loved the news. It felt like a stress releaser, because we didn’t hear much after E3. Sure, there wasn’t much new, much less the price and the games, but it’s good to know that it’ll have a unified service, and a bigger Linux hard drive.

    Didn’t the first generation of Xbox 1 games cost like $59.99 a piece anyway? I bet that eventually prices will drop on the discs to reasonable level, and even later, if we’re lucky, all games may go down to the 50 dollar level when they’re new.

    And with the mandatory Blu-ray games, if the price is relatively right, Sony will be making a good move against HD-DVD.

    At least everything is getting more interesting as Sony is influenced by the competition, just like Microsoft was pretty much influenced in compact(er) design, having a wide array of game genres and in the controller. Competition is bliss.

  3. Grindstone on

    Well, I took the conference with a grain of salt (which everyone should do when dealing with the Sony hype machine). True, we have no idea the conusmer cost for the PS3, but the time frame is a little less vague now; Early November instead of “Spring `06.”

    Making all games support Blu-ray is a good move for Sony as the royalties are increased, but a costly problem for consumers if those royalty costs are transfered to us by developers — which is expected.

    As for the Live knock-off, well, I’ll wait til I see it. Of course I am skeptical, but no sense in attacking it without having tried it.

    But what is up with that “4D” stuff? If the PS3 features a time machine that does not require a bolt of lightning, I will gleefully buy it as it will come in handy with my Pinky & Brain syndrome…

    I will agree that Krazy Ken soiunds like Charlie Borwn’s teacher. Wah, wah wah wah…

  4. firerock on

    This conference only confirms one thing to me, X360 is in their mind and Sony can’t afford to mess up their PS3.

    1st: Blame the delay to BD. Humm….Sony is telling us that PS3 is delayed due to BD copy protection unification. Now, if you look at this

    You will see that their controller won’t be finalized until May-June. So, how can that time frame be Spring ’06?

    2nd: Sony will not even going try to make a new name for their online service, but just calling it Live. MS has been using this term to decribe their service since Xbox time and Sony will just take it and make “Live” as their term. Is it the best way to communicate to gamers? By using the exact term “Live” to describe their new service and machine; is Sony giving all the credits to MS for their work? Or is this a sign of showing Sony’s weakness?

    3rd: 4D! That’s really funny that Sony Hype machine will use 4D to say about their future. As far as I’m concern, that “4D” means unknown and a joke to all gamers.

    4th: Software Development Schedule: Sony won’t be shipping their final PS3 developing kit until June-July. That means 2 things: Sony is rushing out their PS3 faster than they expected and PS3 1st gen game will look like PS2.5 or worse. Developers need time to fine tune their software. When a new sytem is released, there are too many unkonws for developers to tap into before they ship out their new games. Either we won’t get any games when the system release, or majority of the new games won’t be impressive at all.

    After all, Sony not only proves to me that they are following X360 steps, but they are very aware of what gamers like in X360. Sony is trying their best to rush PS3 into our hands, but they know they are running out of time. I think X360’s success shocked Sony and put them back into the drawing board. Hopefully, by E3, Sony will have a better showing than yesterday’s conference.

  5. Isaac on

    Firerock, why so “harsh”, not to say biased?

    1st: The delay was pretty much everything, not just Blu-ray; too many technologies on PS3, or as m3mnoch said, they overbuilt it. Yes, they “lied”, but every company does that. It’s called marketing, and Microsoft is excellent at it.

    2nd: They didn’t call the online service “Live”, they said, probably in a mistranslation, that the games would be “Live”, but I think they referred to “Alive”, as in changing, which means…

    3rd: That games will be 4D, changing through time. You can’t visualize 4 Dimensions (just imagine them).

    4th: Didn’t Microsoft ship final dev kits little before GDC? You know, like less than 3 months before they launched it. That’s where the Gears of War demo was shown, wasn’t it? And as Mark Rein said, they had very little time with the final 360 Dev Kits, and they had a great demo ready when they didn’t have that much time working on the game. So yeah, once you have projects pretty much started on early dev kits, you don’t have to start from scratch. Games for PS3 have been in development for a long time, so it shouldn’t be that hard to have several games ready for launch with all the work they’ve got after they get the final kits.

    Besides, I don’t get why so much criticism to Sony for “Copying LIVE”. It’s called competition; in fact, that’s how Sony won with PS1 and PS2: copy everything they do right, and 1up their attempts by giving some things they can’t give. Both Microsoft and Sony have been copying Nintendo, and Microsoft copied Sony (and Sega) on a lot of things too. So? It would be stupid not to. You should follow the advice I gave to m3mnoch: When you criticize, try to propose a solution.

  6. Grindstone on

    Posted by Isaac:
    “2nd: They didn’t call the online service “Live?, they said, probably in a mistranslation, that the games would be “Live?, but I think they referred to “Alive?, as in changing, which means…

    3rd: That games will be 4D, changing through time. You can’t visualize 4 Dimensions (just imagine them).”

    That was my take on the usage of “live” as well; that it was a mistranslation for “alive”. Thus my conclusion was the same as your own on the evolving games for the PS3.

    As for the 4D bit, since Ken failed to really clarify what he meant by that, I am holding my breath for the time machine. And he’d better deliver on that feature, otherwise, that is the last time I believe Sony… again. Until the next time, anyway.

  7. firerock on

    I guess I was a bit harsh on Sony, but their track records aren’t great either. I’m a gamer and I’ve own every console since NES (excluding handhelds, never got into mobile gaming). It’s important to Sony to realize its shortfall than praise what they are good at. We al know that Sony has good 3rd party supports, especially those power house in Japan. I have no doubts that Sony will get all of them on board again and make PS3 a great system. But that doesn’t mean they can dictate what gamers want. Sony has been known for their quality product with higher price. Most of the time, I will have to agree with that; but that’s not the truth anymore. Why do you think Samsung has higher profit margin compare to almost none to Sony’s electronic department excluding gaming. Sony is too big to reconstructure and they like to create their own format and force consumers to give in.

    To me, BD w/ PS3 is just another example why Sony will benefit more than typical gamers. There’s nothing wrong that a corporate need to make its living through profits and market share. I understand that BD might be the next media format by default due to its population in PS3, but why force it down at consumers’ throat? Do I care for BD or even HD DVD players in my gaming console, no, not a bit. I use gaming console to game, not watch videos. To me, X360 hit the sweet spot by incorporating streaming and online service with good price point. I don’t want Sony to swallow the cost of BD, nor do I want to pay for it either.

    Now that Sony has realize that they are at disadvantage to X360, they have to fight their way back to capture gamers’ attention. It’s like Sega Saturn all over again. Sega was to confident about their design until they saw the tech specs of PS1. And Sega decided to add some extra chips to be more powerful, but it still lost the war to Sony, the new comer. I’m not saying PS3 is under power, but it’s lacking features compare to X360. Most of all, I hate how Sony always disregards its competition, as if Sony invents all new technology. They were once the inventor and changed console gaming. But now, they are falling behind but they still try to hide behind their PS brand.

    I know Sony is a well established company with lots of clever minds behind their company. But they have failed to provide what gamers want and put their profit in the forefront. It’s unfortunate that Sony can still hide behind their marketing and brand. I just hope casual gamers can tell the difference.

  8. Andrew on

    4D = updates / patches / episodic content / MMORPGs … in other words, XBox Live.

  9. Isaac on

    Firerock, I disagree with you on the fact that 360 has more features than PS3 (on the non-gaming side), but I’m not going to enter on a discussion about that right now. Im too tired, because of the hour, and because I’ve discussed that so many times that it is irksome. Hell, ask m3mnoch.

    Anyway, I do love the fact that the 360 and PS3 have more features than just a gaming console. Seriously though, it wouldn’t matter to me if non had it, but it would to non-gamers and casuals. For casuals, that’s a huge pro, because it gives them a reason to buy the machine besides games. And while we’re at it, if you really don’t care for BD, then you shouldn’t care for media streaming that much either… just for the games, and the Revolution is ideal. Nintendo’s focus is excellent because they are also trying to appeal to non-gamers and casuals, but through gaming, not non-gaming features. They are defining game consoles, and Revolution should be the ideal (in theory); affordable, and fun, just like the DS. I mean, just look at the fugly DS, how it is booming. You can actually see they have redefined portable gaming, as it is impossible to play a game on two screens unless you have a PS3 (LOL), but you can’t touch the screens to play anyway. An EyeToy would be an approximation, but still its cost is prohibitive.

  10. paradox on

    Is it me, or is it impossible to get ahead if you’re playing follow the leader? Innovation is the key! ex: iPod

    Of course, innovation can’t be very expensive, how much is the PS3 gonna cost? More than the Rev, I imagine! Sony needs to rethink…a lot of things I think.

    Maybe they should get out of the gaming business and focus more on the audio business. Oh wait, they already screwed that up with the DRM…Hmm, well sucks to be them! I really hope they don’t mess with the VAIO’s – those are still awesome.

  11. Grindstone on

    Andrew you lie! You lie, dammit! It’s a time machine! Just you wait, the PS3 will deliver a time machine and you will be sorry for those words. Why would Sony embellish their own words? 4D, Ken said it, it is now fact, and all we have to do is wait 8 months to get it (if we can afford it).

    [There may have been a small, perhaps minuscule amount of sarcasm in the above text ~ just a cordial FYI.]

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