Web-Based MMOGs

okay. i'm crazy fired up again.

i mentioned it in my review of shalkith the other day, but, i'm sure none of you guys actually read that, heh. i've been poking around the web-based mmog world a bit the last few days.

it's just crazy to look at all these things and see how wrong they all are. they just aren't doing it right! they are by and large terribly implemented.

as in, 'eyes bleeding' terrible.

i suppose that's something to expect from web games. barrier to entry is pretty low so you get all ranges of talent in there. tho, i am interested in checking out travian. haven't gotten into that one yet.

the great part about this segment of gaming is that it can be crazy mainstream. if you get a game that's as fun and addictive for all player types as… say… world of warcraft, but it's 'mostly' free and you can play it with 5 minutes or 5 hours a day? that's what i'm talking about. fun, strategic, creative, tactical. best of all? accessible.

my point is, the window is wide open and ready for something to catch fire. why can't that be mine? heh. i've been working on one since last summer. off and on. more like a hobby and a push at a real thing.

it's currently in a pre-alpha state and actually playable. there are a bunch of features i'm implementing, but some basic functionality is there. brave souls are welcome to send me an email at chris@steelanvilstudios.com for an alpha account.

looking around and seeing the flotsam and jetsam out there on the web, it's just crazy inspiration. so, i'm fired up and working hard on it again.

anyway, if i disappear for a day or two here and there, that's what i'm working on.


p.s. this is the same thing i've talked about previously….


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  1. nihill on

    Yeah, I’ve got to agree. The web-based MMO could be huge. I’ve played a few free ones online that have been fun enough to suck myself or a group of friends in for weeks or even months at a time (www.darkthrone.com, http://www.urbandead.com/, the list goes on…). It just seems like eventually you’re really just playing in that sandbox and I have a very difficult time keeping myself entertained. Maybe it’s my fault, growing up in generation X and expecting things to be dropped at my feet, carried on a silver platter, etc. My thought though is that if a game stops being fun, why play it?

    I seem to run into similar things with free form games like GTA. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed GTA… for about 2 weeks. I found that I spent more time driving around shooting tires out of other gangs’ cars and trying for new cooler tricks in my low rider or motorcycle than actually following the story. To be honest I had about three other games that I was also trying to play at the time, so it’s very possible that I didn’t give GTA a chance (or maybe a fair chance is more accurate). Is there is such a thing as too much freedom?

  2. m3mnoch on

    aha… yep. that’s why this ever so subtle string of adjectives: fun, strategic, creative, tactical.

    shh… don’t tell anyone.


  3. paradox on

    I’m not really a big gamer, but a fun, cool, easily accessible game sounds good to me 🙂 I really hope yours gets through to be something big.

  4. Oropher on

    MMOG Evolution is addictive, fun to play, with consistence, quickly you have an idea of what you are doing. Not so many players but a smart community. Advanced Features and lot of originality. Its free (to donate).

  5. Chayce on

    i need to find a web based mmo that isnt text based but is more like runescape or club penguin…. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Stain on

    World of warcraft, kiss your social life goodbye 😛

  7. jo on

    what is the name of your game?

  8. m3mnoch on

    we’ve got one called “The Singular” at http://www.thesingular.com and we’ve got another called HypeFighter at http://www.hypefighter.com.

    tho, both are getting a substantial revamp at the moment in a top secret sort of way.


  9. Xiyo on

    World Of Warcraft Is Not A Web Based MMORPG, It’s Just A MMORPG.

  10. seriewoordenaar on

    Hi fellas,

    I’m a bit of a game addict, playiung eve-online, wc3, civ4 as well as web based games like travian and Dark Galaxy and I am trying to find a browser game that really stimulates rivalty between guilds and allows for exciting competition. Also I prefer a bit more of an exciting graphical interface then a dull text based browser game.
    Anyone with some good tips?

  11. a j bonus on

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  13. […] have found my new favourite blog, m3mnoch. From reading these four blog posts, I am immensely impressed. Not all of it I agree with, but the ideas are very, very […]

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