Goooooooooo Xbox Support!

a funny thing happened to me on the way to get support via email from the xbox team.

first, i walked through their multi-form contact thing, picking — specifically — email support because it’s just more convienent for me. i don’t mind calling, but i’m a digital guy.

here’s what i sent in:

i have two problems:

my achievement summary and, in effect, my gamercard on the web, is not accurate. the ‘last game played’ information is out of sync. the normal ‘order by date’ seems out of whack.

possibly related, my friends are not showing up on the ‘in game’ leaderboards. when looking at a leaderboard in marbleblast ultra, for example, my friends’ scores are not listed. they are, however, listed in the ‘ticker’ that displays at the main game screen in the xbox 360 dashboard right before you play the game.

i am thinking all this was caused by my recovering of my gamercard at my friend’s house on january 15 when i played call of duty 2 over at his house.

from there, i just moved it onto a memory unit and then moved it back to my original xbox.

i think that is why the timestamp is out of sync.

thanks for your help.

aaaaannnd — here’s what i got back:

Hello Christopher,

Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Support!

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like this has been a very frustrating experience for you. After careful review of your issue, we have determined that it is best that you call the Xbox Customer Support number for better assistance; United States and Canada : 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) International direct dial to US : 1- 425-635-7180.

Our phone representatives will assist you 7 days a week from 9:00AM -12:00 MN CST (Central Standard Time). Thank you for understanding.

For more information about Xbox360, please visit or

Xbox Customer Care Team

gee. thanks for the copy-and-paste message, joe.

‘careful review’ my ass.

i actually wasn’t that frustrated at all. i mean, it’s not like i can’t play the games or anything. stuff’s just a bit inaccurate and inconvienent (we already established that i’m all about the convienence….). now, however, with a retarded email like that coming back to me, i’m frustrated.

mistakes (i.e. weird, corner-case software bugs or other boo-boo-ish things) don’t really bother me. stupidity bugs the fuck out of me.


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  1. Fred on

    That kinda reminds me of when I call a customer support line that is obviously being answered by a call center in India and the guy trys to tell me his name is Bob. Who are you fooling. I don’t care what your name is so don’t try and give me a fake American name so I feel warm and fuzzy.

  2. Sh0cKa on

    i have used customer support many times and i’ve got nothing but good things to day. I also HATE calling so i go to and use the chat. Takes about 2 sec to fill out the form and sometimes tehre is a 5-10 min wait but sometimes I slid right into a convo with a helpful tech guy. I used this for xbox live help and help with HDTV support for the og box. sorry to hear about the mail you got back that does suck. Nad for marble blast i also cannot see the leaderboards when i filter to my friends, kinda bummed about it

  3. m3mnoch on

    weird. see? my wife can see her friends list in the leaderboards.

    what the hell is going on? is it live or marbleblast ultra?

    i should send a note to jeff tunnell and see if it’s a known issue…. heh.


  4. Sh0cKa on

    don’t knwo what it could be, I did the same thing you did. i have two 360’s one in San Diego and one up north in Orange County Area and i retrived my information on my new box I haven’t noticed anything about games played but just the Marble Blast leaderboards thing, everything else seems to be in place. Maybe something to do when you retrive an account your boards get erased, no idea. If you get any word about it let me know.

  5. m3mnoch on

    will do.


  6. Grindstone on

    I hate it when things “bug the fuck out of me” since I happen to enjoy the action implied therein. I hope things improve for you.

    And that was a dumb response from support. Reminds me about when I called 800-4MY-XBOX an got that woman’s voice telling me how much she understood my problem. I hadn’t even explained the problem, stupid recording. Ugg.

    Anyway, cordial FYI, I made a one month XBL account for a number of reasons; a) don’t have broadband at the time, b) new gamertag, c) curiousity, etc. Well, a little over a month later I bought a longer subscription but then got the bill for the one month and the 1 year service. Called up, asked about it (as I had only played that one time the previous month, then a little over a month later when I made the longer subscription). Guess what? No refund and non-transferable for MP points. Make sure you disable the auto-billing feature while online. They got a $7.99 gift from me.

  7. gaminghobo on

    Just be lucky you never have to deal with British Telecom. I was trying once to get hold of their broadband helpline, for the mother you see, and having tried several numbers someone referred me to one with a spanish automated message?

  8. Oncnawan on

    My experience has been that the folks at 1-800-4my-xbox are pleasant and impotent. They are very polite and very understandable, but they have no power to deal with real problems. I ended up emailing Microsoft Corporate via Majornelson in order to resolve something that turned out to be a non-issue because the customers support supervisor with whom I spoke did not understand the policy on extended warranties. It also takes a few phone calls to get someone to actually get something sent to you.

  9. Poker Player on

    The sad part is that I don’t have to deal with Xbox customer support – I have to deal with Xbox retailer support. They’re probably almost as bad – different 800 number, anyway – but at least I tend to get what I need eventually.

  10. puh_fifer on

    I was pretty upset with my support experience as a whole with xbox. I waited in line at walmart for 12 hours on the 22nd to get my box, played for a month, then it was gone broken for a month.

    When my problems started I went to the chat tech support, left the webpage waiting for about an hour for someone to join the chat, then they closed for the night and left. The next day I went, got into the chat, went through all the troubleshooting, only to be told he couldn’t process a repair and sent me to the 1-800 number. So all in all I spent 3 hours just to be sent somewhere else. And then the call center people/DHL/holidays/360 sent back with the same problem, caused my replacement to take over a month.

    But damn do I love the 360 and everything Live has.

  11. lee hood on

    i have a problem. When i turn my xbox on there is a clunk sound and instead of ejecting the disc, the eject button flashes red. please help and email me back with any advice

  12. lee hood on

    also how do you get inside an xbox, have been trying and it is seemingly impossible

  13. James 360 on

    dont open it!! you will void your warrenty. Call Xbox they will Fix /Replace it

  14. Jr 818 on

    Will they replace it even without a warranty?

  15. Jr 818 on

    I mean without the recipe, SORRY!!

  16. Josh Loftus on

    dude, the same thing…..almost happened to me. you see my x boxs dvd player doesnt work and it is sumthing awful to actually get help on it. I sent 2 emails and eventually 50 minutes on the phone to get it figured out heres my second email my X box 360’s DVD player does not work. every time you put it in the dvd player skips it around ond distortes the picture. almost as if the DVD player was spinning the DVD to fast… I really dont know… but I would really appreciate some kind of help. I would also like to return my X box because the fan in it apparently doesn’t work very well. the system gets fire hot in 2 hours of play and this concerns me JOSH:*
    and that was like 5 days ago man….. and then my message back
    Hi Customer,

    Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Support!

    This e-mail acknowledges our receipt of your message to Xbox Customer Care. We appreciate you taking the time to write us with your concerns and value you as an Xbox customer. We do apologize for any inconveniences that you might have.

    It is advisable that you call the Xbox Customer Support number; this is due to the complexity of your issue or problem. We cannot resolve this problem over this method and requires further scrutiny.

    You can also check on this link about your issue
    For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to write back or call Xbox Phone Support. We are open everyday from 9am to 12mn Central Time.

    To expedite service, please provide Service Request Number 1025528618 when you call.

    For more information about Xbox360, please visit

    Xbox Customer Care Team
    all i can say is… mac if you really cared then youd get your ass of that chair get some guy to come fix my three sixty and then go screw your self…… with love JOSH

  17. Lee on

    My xbox 360 blew up on Christmas. Well the power supply brcik did. I only got 20 mins on it. We rang up Customer support and they are sending me the needed item i just wonder if you guys may have a guess at how long the postage will be. Im in england

  18. bob on


  19. Brett Morgan on

    On my Xbow 360 there is a red flashing light on the power button every time I turn it on. The screen just stays blank. Before then it was working it just kept freezing during my game. I don’t get anybody over because I don’t like people coming in my house so do you think you could help ME!!!

  20. Yamns on

    hey, im new here to the page but i got a problem. i turn on my 360 and 3 of the little lights on the ring flash red. i looked it up and all it says in the manual is a vague “internal problem.” it would totaly suck if it was broken cause my warrenty is up, any advice?

  21. Yamns on

    also, i just noticed that when i turn the 360 on, the power supply goes yellow, green, red, and back to yellow in under 2 secounds. i dont know if that means if my power supply is shot or not…

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