Faith in Sony Software

there are things in this world that give me faith on sony doing software right. especially game software.

and, then, there are things that don’t.

“We need coordination, we need the best and brightest people involved and empowered,” said one high-ranking Sony executive, who asked not to be named. “But the old guard in Tokyo is refusing to give up any central control. It’s like a Politburo with a five-year plan.”

bummer. i wonder if this generation of consoles is going to reflect the walkman/ipod battle more than the betamax/vhs battle.

read more of the article on cnet.


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  1. Isaac on

    This battle will represent all of it, probably.

    HD-DVD versus Blu-ray
    Direct3D versus OpenGL
    Component versus HDMI
    Windows development versus Linux development
    LIVE versus HUB
    ATI versus nVidia
    Scalar processing versus Vector processing
    American games versus Japanese games
    Multiplayer versus Single player
    Microsoft versus Sony
    and ultimately, Xbox 360 versus PS3

    (not to count Nintendo out, but their only fight is on the games side, mostly)

  2. Isaac on

    Oh, and iHD versus Java

    if I don’t forget more

  3. Isaac on

    Oh, and there is something I’d like to know. Why aren’t sony games ported to PS2? Is it because PS2 Online play is horrible? Or is it because this games require more graphical power than the PS2 can handle? (or both)

  4. Isaac on

    Oh, yes, I’m bombarding your site… I meant the Sony Online Entertainment games for PC.

  5. m3mnoch on

    hahahahah… you’re pretty funny, isaac.

    comment bomber!

    as to why soe games aren’t on the ps2? i have no idea. i would imagine that since they are pc developers busy with rewriting games that were working or trying to make games that are slumping more popular, they probably just don’t have the time.

    that, or they are like most pc mmo developers and hate ‘inferior’ consoles.

    probably, the most realistic reason, tho, is just audience. what is it? 2.5 million ps2 hard drives? not a big target for and expensive, never been done before on a console mmo. (see phantasy star)

    no idea for sure, really.


  6. Darth Pixel on

    Yes, it’s managitis paralysis. It happens to all big companies.

    Microsoft is barely better, by the way. Their employee turnover is fairly high.

    I guess that’s where Stringer comes into play. Shake the hive without getting swarmed to death by the bees.

  7. Poker Player on

    The more I’m reading – and learning – about the whole software / hardware issue, it sounds to me like Sony needs to just make TV’s, cameras, and assorted peripherals – and get OUT of the entertainment business.

    The whole HDCP issue is REALLY going to bite them in the butt with American consumers. As in, what do you mean that this new TV I bought can’t play the movies due to a copy protection issue? Well, screw that – where’s that torrent file? (Not that I’m advocating movie copying – but comes on, people.)

    Can you see someone renting a movie at Blockbuster and then finding out that they can’t watch it at home due to copy protection? Or that they can’t watch a movie on their PS3 (if THAT ever comes out) because it won’t work with their TV they just bought last year?

    I would forsee that the portable HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 would have to work on your TV no matter what you have because the output signal comes FROM the console – that’s why there are adapters for HDTV, regular TV’s, S-Video, and VGA monitors – so you can have a CHOICE of how you play the games.

  8. Darth Pixel on

    Poker Player,

    Copy protection schemes are the same for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
    They were requested by content producers from both groups.

    And HDMI/HDCP have been out there since 2002.
    And HDCP was developed by Intel, not Sony.

    And PlayStation 3 will have component connectivity. Sony is not that crazy to force their fans to buy a new HDMI-enabled TV just for PlayStation 3.

    I thought I would clarify these points as a lot of misinformation clouds the issue.

  9. m3mnoch on

    tho, i would imagine, the ps3 component connectivity will come at the price of paying for an extra cable that will olnly give you 540p.

    pay extra for less resolution. outstanding.


  10. Poker Player on

    Thank you, Darth. That’s part of the confusion – and I’m supposed to be IN the industry, at least somewhat. My problem is that I deal with Sales People who then deal with customers – and we only get what we’re told by OUR company, and then only what we need to know. Everything else we have to try to learn on our own.

    I do know that, when I was in a game store today, that a customer told the manager that for him, buying movies for the PSP was a joke. If he wanted something, he’d download it. And that’s how he gets most of his content.

  11. Darth Pixel on

    No, I think that cable will be included with the console.

    It will give you 720p or 1080i over component for games.

    It will give you 480p for HD movies.
    The same restriction will apply to a HD-DVD add-on for Xbox 360. Because this was a requirement from content producers.

  12. m3mnoch on

    included cable? that’d be hella cool. cross your fingers. my bet is an hdmi cable and a composite video cable.

    and, yep. you’re right on with games. i was talking about movies. and, it’s 540p not 480p.

    and, yep. both next gen formats bug me. well. it’s technically hdcp. that’s why i’m saying stuff like:

    “i only want to buy a movie once and consume it however i see fit. hdmi and hdcp don’t allow me to do that.”


  13. Darth Pixel on

    Correction, for HD movies you are very likely to get something between 480p and 720p over component.

  14. Darth Pixel on

    Oops…my correction and your correction crossed each other, m3mnoch.

    I say you are likely to get something between 480p and 720p over component for movies because there will be variations in implementations, between vendors.

    Your other rant has nothing to do with technology. It’s a licensing rant. One that I share.

    You wish, as I do, to buy a license that covers all formats and media.
    Content producers prefer to milk you for all your worth.
    And that’s clearly beyond the control of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or any company in particular.

  15. m3mnoch on

    yeah. the whole content ownership v. leasing thing is a total other subject that no consumer in the world would agree with, i’m sure.

    but, the resolution of analog (component) video for ‘protected’ video content is almost certainly 540p. at least, that’s what i take this quote to mean:

    Consumer Electronics Daily editor Steve Booth notes, that 540-line down-rez specification “was settled on because it’s easily upconverted by an HD set to a 1,080-line picture.”

    the ‘p’ part of it, i’m just taking for granted. hoping, since they are giving us 1/4 of the resolution for the same money, that’s they’d at least give us a progressive upconverted signal instead of interlaced. tho, at a 1080i resolution, you’re stuck with upconverted AND interlaced. 1080p hdtv set? i dunno.

    again. not talking about any particular company (like sony or microsoft independently) either. talking about aacs.


  16. Darth Pixel on

    540p is what you need to provide if you want to be standard-compliant.
    It does not mean you cannot implement other resolutions in addition to that one. In fact, most manufacturers think 480p needs to be supported as well, if only for the sake of consumers who will connect their HD player to a SD TV set–for which 480p is the only thing that makes sense.

  17. m3mnoch on

    component cables to an sd set?

    720p’s not going to happen because it’s still hi def. they’re not going to scale it down to 360 so it cranks back up well.

    nope. 540p scaled up to 1080i is going to be piped through those component cables.


  18. Darth Pixel on

    Yes, component to a SD set…what’s the problem with that?
    SD sets often have component inputs.

    As I said, they are likely to implement various formats between 480p and 720p, with 720p being excluded.

  19. m3mnoch on

    nope. nothing technically wrong with component to sd. just that it’s a really small market for folks who use it.

    people have to:

    1) know the difference between component and composite.
    2) have seperate connections for digital tv, dvd (which support component encoding) vs. vhs or non-digital cable or satellite.
    3) buy an sd tv with component inputs (since they are relatively new) vs. an hdtv.

    i mean, it’s entirely possible, just not a large target. meaning folks who care will buy an hdtv. it’s connecting to tv’s older than 3 to 5 years that represent the majority of users out there.


  20. Isaac on

    Seriously though, is the difference between 480i and 1080p noticeable on a small TV, or only on Big TVs?
    What I noticed on a 360 Kiosk is that the videos look crisper, but I’m not sure if it was just the buzz words messing with my head or if it is really noticeable.

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