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Thought You Guys Could Appreciate This

from the photo description:

just sitting here. with my text editor and enterprise manager open writing c# web services below a chocolatey smoothe ajax coating. building my game.

did i ever mention that i love my tablet pc? that thing kicks ass. and that coffee cup? big enough to just about get your head into it….

oh, and, we might have some big news here soon. according to ben, we've finally got an artist. i have to finish writing up his contract, but, it looks good so far. and his art? hot damn! we'll make an official announcement soon, hopefully.

this message has been brought to you by the empty scotch glass i'm about to go refill.


Back to a Favorite of Mine.

so. what the hell is sony doing? you have to have hdmi 1.3 now to hook up your ps3 for 1080p? talk about being over built. this damn thing isn't even made for this decade: GDC 2006: Playstation 3 without HDMI


AJAX Kicks Ass!

just thought i'd poke my head in to say this:

ajax kicks ass for many-to-one relationships within a normalized database!

this public service message has been brought to you by the folks building Adventure -> Act -> Scene -> Encounter -> Game Object relationships all day long….


Putting Some Hard Numbers To Passive Web Game Advertising

so. i've been going on and on about this whole passive web game craze. just thought i'd fill you in on some information that's public that i've found.

take this game, the crims. it's not really in our particular genre (well. at launch anyway.) but it's the precise web ad format we'll be using. check this adbrite page out.

that says average cpc is $0.18. that's pretty much what i expected. now, if there was only one advertiser on their site and it was an adbrite advertiser, the crims would earn $50.50 per day per advertiser. so, depending on how many advertisers they actually employ (5=$250/day, 50=$2500/day, 500=$25,000/day) who have ads on their rotating 3-ad block, that can add up to a crap-ton of money fast.

and, that's only adbrite. not even their google ads. and, they get about 5% of travian's traffic.

mmmm… online web game advertising.


Make Way for the Little Guy!

introversion was already in my book of admired game devs just because darwinia is so damn cool. however, they've now moved up into the upper eschelon.

viva la resistance!


UPDATE: it was the "Seumas McNally Grand Prize" introversion won. not seumas mcnally himself building darwinia. which, makes total sense — duh. thanks for the correction troy! i was thinking that sounded weird when i wrote it. i'm a bit distracted these days….

Blogger’s Breakfast

damn. i knew i should have gone to gdc. i wavered, decided against it. next year, tho, i expect an invite to this breakfast.

i’ve exchanged emails/had full on conversations with half the people at that table. how about an invite next year, guys? i’ll actually go to gdc, i promise.


The Pain of PC Gaming

just thought i’d put this little bit out there….

i’m not much of a pc gamer anymore. the constant hardware upgrade cycle did me in. i’m a console game guy now because It Just Works.™

that being said, a little birdy told me there are 25,000+ peers currently all hooked into a bittorrent of a pirated copy of oblivion for the pc.

ouch. you pc gamers are killing your own platform.

developers don’t want to make games for a platform where they don’t make any money. not that, i guess, all 25k of those downloaders would actually buy the game, but still, that’s an eye-opener.

pc gaming, per se, isn’t going to die off, but, it’s gonna turn into a platform for the casual game, that’s for sure.

[voice of soup nazi] : No big titles for you!


Setting Expectations

i just thought i'd set everyone's expectations as to my periodic posting. i will probably go dark here for a while. i may actually pop my head in once in a while to say hello or such, but, we've set a pretty aggressive timeline for finishing this thing out so we can get some public feedback.

we've got an official alpha milestone in 45 days — which we really need to make because that next week, we'll be at e3, drinking our faces off. mmmmm… that's what e3 is really about, you know.

anyway. i will, however, leave you with this tidbit. think all the fun of mmo gameplay coupled with the community, publishing and portability aspects that make the web huge. now, layer that over a highly normalized database that let's us completely swap out content so we can add multiple genres.

also, here's a fun shortlist of some of the cool features:

  • 3 different character templates – Adventurers, Merchants or Bards
  • Craft your own items. Any item you can imagine with any powers you can imagine is possible.
  • Set up a store to sell your items.
  • Create your own skills and spells or choose pre-existing ones.
  • Simply purchase items from some other store and head for the hills for some High Adventure.
  • Battle other players one-on-one.
  • Build your own adventure areas for other players to experience.
  • Everyone has Health, Conditions, Skills, Attributes or Items.
  • Earn badges, trophies, etc.
  • Join a Guild and take over a city.
  • Carry, store, display or sell anything you own.
  • Earn money by selling items, questing or having people play through your own hand crafted adventures.
  • View/Send/Subscribe/Publish (Static, Email, RSS, etc.) your own challenge history.
  • Challenge another player to a duel, a cooking contest or a dance off. It's only limited by your imagination.
  • World-level events and high level story affect everyone.
  • Play at your own pace.

we're starting with a high fantasy pack. others will follow. well. as long as everyone digs on it anyway. heh.


Not to Beat a Dead Horse

but, oh lord, that’s a lot of traffic:

travian’s traffic compared to other popular destinations:

and, this is a game nobody’s heard of!


Investors, huh?

so. t.j. just brought up a good point.

me, i'm kind of a 'do it with your own resources' kinda guy. but he just suggested maybe we just make it known that we wouldn't mind some flow to help finance our newest gig.

i just thought — why the hell not?

so, any takers out there? let me know if you are interested in sending us a check.