Sony Selling Off Assets Already?

just a quick hit.  i’ll probably expand on it a bit later.  i’m hungry and it’s lunchtime for me right now.

in the meantime, chew on this:

In other news, Sony has announced the sale of majority stakes in five of its retail brands. The company is seeking to offload unprofitable businesses.

originally, i was reading a next generation article on a sony insider saying that a launch delay was ‘possible’ for the ps3.

then, at the bottom, they sneaked that little quip in there.

is sony already pawning (note: not pwning) off parts of their business to pay for this bloated, overbuilt, dead albatross of a game console?

interesting question.  i’m gonna look more into the businesses they are selling off to see what i can find out about why they are selling them.


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  1. Isaac on

    Well, with this and all of the latest news, it seems that with each day, indications say that the PS3 will indeed cost sony 800. Sorry for my stubborness man. I was just fogetting the likeliness of Microsoft also losing around 100 in their box, considering that analysts and several others have access to the Microsoft financial statements make it more believable; “little detail” I forgot, but considering I’m supposed to be in Actuarial Sciences… oh well, I guess it happens sometimes.

  2. haveblue on

    I have visions of Ken K. and Howard S. sitting around Sony HQ listening to ‘The End’ by the Doors just like in Apocalypse Now. Looking at Blu-Ray and their business plan, and whispering, “the horror, the horror”.

    Sorry. Will try to sober up now.

  3. Darth Pixel on

    Stringer is making all the right moves these days. He already brought Sony back to profitability and he now cuts more dead wood and streamlines remaining business divisions.

    I had doubts about Stringer. I now reckon he his the no nonsense business manager I was described when he took over.

    I am sure Microsoft would have preferred Stringer to sit on his hands watching the conglomerate sink. It’s not happening, though.
    Microsoft will have to fight to win.

  4. haveblue on

    Hi Darth,

    You are right, it is going to be quite an interesting fight to watch. From E3 on, it’s just going to get better.

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