Taking Care of my Fellow Web Readers

i just created a permanant page for my magic bookmark of doom to live.  feel free to use and abuse.  it’s one of the handiest things i use.

i was feeling a tinge remorseful for pushing this hemmingway theme on those of you with bad or old eyes.



2 comments so far

  1. Remox on

    The theme’s awesome, simplistic, basic, and not flashy – damn ads. I guess I can see your point as I’m fairly new to the site – but I have noticed most of the demographic is slightly older then …. 15 *ahem*.

    Love the Site

  2. Grindstone on

    There, there. As long as you are mature and make reasonable posts, you’ll do just fine.

    And m3mnoch, thanks for thinking about us little guys; the readers.

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