Piracy Scaring Sony?

so.  a bit ago, there was a big hub-bub about sony’s fear of privacy holding up the show with the playstation 3.  i’m beginning to think that’s a pretty legitimate fear.

many people assumed it was movie piracy that they were afraid of.  blu-ray specifications afterall call for pretty draconian digital rights management.

what if that’s not it?

do you think they are looking at crazy xbox 360 mods like the memory unit hack or the xbox 360 “explorer” and seeing themselves in a mirror?  here they are, on the verge of releasing a console that is costing them more money to produce than anything else in their history.  they are sitting around in board rooms reassuring each other they can make up the difference in software sales — as long as we can keep the pirates at bay.

what if everyone buys a ps3, but no one buys any games?

$500 for a crazy super-computer, blu-ray player, media center magic thing sounds great to me.  especially when sony is paying for half of it.

do you think they are shitting themselves looking at all the crazy xbox 360 hacks out?  how are they going to be profitable on the hardware alone if the worst happens? is the hacking community drooling to get their hands on a live ps3?  given the ease with which they own the psp, is the ps3 going to be any more protected?

ponderance galore.



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  1. firerock on

    When the X360 Demo disc was leaked, people jumped all over the news and thought it was the end of X360 protection. In about 2 weeks, MS got a new Live Update and it was the end of that. Demo DVDR disc can be used in the new update. The moral of the story is that MS has learned its lesson and online update is their friend. X360 is so closely connected with its Live feature, MS can pretty much patch up their machine when there’s a software hack. Unless there’s a definite hardware hack for X360, I don’t see how X360 can be pirated at the moment.

    Therefore, I think Sony has also learned the importance of online update: which they have been using in their PSP. As long as PS3 is build with bios update in mind, Sony can patch up their holes through online updates as well. Just like PSP, unless people only want to play older games, the older firmware won’t be too useful after all the new games only supports newer firmware, thus killing all the piracy.

  2. m3mnoch on

    aha, yes!

    however, the game changes when sony takes a big loss on the hardware. people fooking the system by using the ps3 for things other than games won’t necessarily be beholden to the mighty juggernaut that will be the playstation hub.

    that’s the difference. the 360’s perceived value is added to by live. the ps3’s value? not so much. they’ve built it to be valuable without going online.



  3. […] so. here’s a thought that my fellow thinker, firerock (wish i had a link to you, man.), helped me achieve through his comment on the sony piracy post from earlier today. […]

  4. firerock on

    I’m just a gamer and seeing the business through a gamer’s POV. But, thanks for the compliment.

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