Sony Stock Irony

so, a commenter, toji, over on joystiq gets a big gold star for figuring this one out.  evidently, i’m just not observant.  i saw that number on no less than 3 news sites.  so much for my sherlock holmes-like powers of deduction.  heh.

get this:

sony’s big competitor?  the 360.

sony missed their earnings?  by 3.60%

damn, that’s some serious irony.



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  1. firerock on

    Sony will miss their earning more when X720 comes out. Maybe 7.20% 😀

  2. fawazr on

    “irony – incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs”

    synchronicity maybe, coinicidence certainly, but irony is a stretch. Still it’s funny, yet I can’t help but feel that the videogame market is due for a shakeup when the eminent 300 lb gorrilla can’t keep its own deadlines. And I really want to get a definite picture of how much the ps3 will cost Sony to produce.

  3. m3mnoch on

    heh. i suppose that’s what i get for letting alanis morissette teach me grammar, eh?

    don’t you think?


  4. Toji Karume on

    At the time I was just tired enough to see the connection.

    Thanks for the Quote :p

    – Toji

    Oh and BTW your site seems pretty good so it has been added to the favorites section. Thanks agian.

  5. Remox on

    Agree with the general argument. Given, Microsoft did “play the shortage game” to boost prices (ok if you disagree – that’s for another day) , but even if they pumped out Xbox 360’s at full capacity, they still couldn’t achieve 100 million shipped consoles – now PS3 …. With all of it’s BluRay and Cell manufacturing problems – reach 100 million ? I think not Sony 😛

  6. fawazr on

    “Thanks agian.”

    LOL. That’s racist!

  7. Oncnawan on

    You know, it is a real shame that Microsoft didn’t wait to launch their console until HD-DVD became available. Think of all the months of sales revenue and market share advantage they could have missed. Fools they are for hitching their console to proven, mature technology and not riding high on two cutting edge technologies – so cutting edge one of them does not even exist! Sound business sense dictates that a company design its flagship product such that its launch is dependent on an unaffiliated third party’s ability to decide on a standard in a shifting, controversial field. When will Microsoft learn?

  8. Isaac on

    Indeed, what a total coincidence.

    And I agree with Oncnawan… if Microsoft had launched last november with an HD-DVD drive, regardless of the possibilities of making it, and the losses implied with it, let alone the already slow but probably even slower production time it would take; if we assume that wouldn’t happen, Microsoft could have gained way faster than it is doing now, and would have either: a) crippled PS3’s attempt to make Blu-ray a Standard, or b) Forced PS3 to be equally rushed, making it an impressive battle of defective versus defective consoles. LOL, which would have ended opening the way for revolution I guess.

    I bet Sony said “phew!!” when they knew that microsoft wouldn’t add an HD-DVD as a standard drive.

  9. firerock on

    Even if MS could released HD-DVD along w/ X360, I doubt MS would do it. If you read quotes from B. Gates, he clearly stated that he believes this is the last media war we will see. He believes that all contents will be transfer through internet, thus making all of the new media useless. He careless about the media, thus XBL is more important to them.

  10. Tiberius Jones on

    Microsoft was very smart to stick with the present DVD standard. Despite what Sony Drones want us to believe, larger storage capacity isn’t going to be a factor in game development in this cycle. Especially with the presence of a hard drive, after the initial boot-up, any game released on mulitple discs will run from a single disc. Besides, with compression technology constantly improving, who knows what the storage capacity of DVD will be before the end of the 360’s lifecycle.

    I’d rather have multiple disc games than pay $20 more for a special DVD medium that has no other advantages for me.

    And as m3mnoch stated at, I’ve had no over-heating problems, and my router power supply also runs MUCH hotter than my 360.

    The idiot who said the 360 would impact electric bills obviously doesn’t own a 360. My electric bill has not changed one iota. Not that I’d care with two 50 inch TV’s, 4 PC’s, a PS2, 360, and other toys too numerous to mention. WIth all that my electric bill never reaches $60 in Minnesota.

    If you’re doubting the power of 360, go to and check out the videos for Ghost Recon and Dead Rising and you’ll be convinced.

  11. Oncnawan on

    Uh, guys, I was being sarcastic…

    I hope you can all see that from the tone and content of my post. What I was trying to say is that Microsoft was wise to release the 360 with a DVD drive for many reasons. The reason that has become most painfully obvious of late is that there was no HD-DVD standard on the market in November, 2005 and THERE STILL IS NO HD-DVD STANDARD ON THE MARKET NOW. The “sound business sense” to which I referred certainly does not entail relying on the release of a technology over which you have little to no control, or even influence (see Toshiba’s current inability to release the HD-DVD standard due to third party issues).

    Microsoft was wise to release the console with a DVD drive. If they had waited, they’d be waiting still.

    Tiberius, my wife insists that our power bill HAS increased since I bought my 360. Maybe I should refer her to this blog and let the two of you debate the power consumption of that beast of gaming might.

  12. Grindstone on

    Heh, if there was a power bill increase, it would be my wife’s fault as she spends too much time playing Zuma all day.

    And just to be agreeable, I too, think it was wise to release a standard proven DVD drive rather than a bleeding edge, untested (in a practical real world sense) Blu-ray drive. Especially if that new-age tech comes with a very inadequate 1x or 2x speed drive. That alone seems counter-intuitive to me. Why increase disk space only to increase load times? Sure, it’ll improve, but the first format adopters will be up a creek later on. Oh well, easy to judge from my work desk.

  13. m3mnoch on

    actually, grindstone. that’s a good point.

    more content with longer load times seems like it would double up the agony rather than take away from it.

    nice observation.


  14. Oncnawan on

    “Heh, if there was a power bill increase, it would be my wife’s fault as she spends too much time playing Zuma all day.”

    I know what you mean, Grindstone. If I leave the controller unattended, my wife dives into a game of Hexic. I am seriously considering getting another 360 at some future point just to free my limited game time from the gaming appetite of my wife and kids. If Microsoft were to make a profit on their hardware, I would consider this the fruition of an evil plot. As things stand, however, I am just glad that my wife is back into gaming (she took a hiatus since the glory days of Halo: CE).

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