Evocative Writers

The stories in most of the JRPGs we get are fucking garbage. Is this a controversial statement? Only the most dominated nihongophile recoils, straining on his Eastern leash. These “stories” are challenges in an of themselves: like a hulking boss creature, they are trials against which the human mind must strive. Exhausting existential retreads that course through the meat of the brain like poison.

i don’t know how many outlets actually recognize it, but jerry holkins is one of the most fascinating and prolific writers i’ve read online.

i’d love to peek in and see what his creative process is like. i try to make my stuff sort of brain-dump-staccato-stream-of-consciousness. but, i don’t know if i’ve ever turned a phrase as carnival-cool as “Exhausting existential retreads that course through the meat of the brain like poison.”

i mean, that’s just whack.



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