The Stupidity that is Fanboy Slinging

i know none of you guys have ever known me to write anything that sounds like i have a chip on my shoulder. nah. i don’t ever come off sarcastic or all ‘angry man.’

heh. thought i’d share this bit i wrote in the comments regarding my take on people slinging the word ‘fanboy’ at each other.

um. and, i’m pretty sure i’ve never claimed to be a fanboy. i’m a fan of smart business strategy. i’m a fan of cool, useful technology. i’m a fan of a lot of things. tho, i don’t just blanket accept anything anyone tells me. i question everything. nobody gets a free pass.

heh. here’s actually an example from today. a friend of mine asked me where i’d recommend they bought a computer. i told them hp. my wife turned to me and asked why i didn’t recommend dell. the last time she heard me make a hardware purchase recommendation, it was for a dell computer.

well. hp was cheaper now. similar support options. similar customer service. similar hardware. just cheaper. (also, note that dell’s earnings came out with tons of profit — which spurred me to check.)

i have no blanket loyalty for any company. i have no blanket loyalty for any person. i reevaluate everything all the time. if you are in my good graces today, that doesn’t mean shit about tomorrow. one of the few things i hate in this world is people (or companies) resting on their laurels. you have to prove yourself every single day. that, or get the hell out of the game.

that being said, i am pretty generous with the benefit of the doubt. it’s certainly not a one strike your out kinda thing, but, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice? that’s my goddamn fault.

and, i’ve said many times that i didn’t care if anyone called me a fanboy.

why is that? because i’m a firm believer that anyone who uses the word ‘fanboy’ seriously in a post is pretty much a chucklehead with a worthless opinion and shouldn’t be taken seriously. they are someone who, rather than back any argument with legitimate, cognitive reasoning, they resort to brain flatulence.

so. uh. yeah. call me a fanboy. whatever helps you justify my existence in your little world.



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  1. fawazr on

    nice. couldn’t have said it better myself. Amazing how relying on a paltry lexicon of insults is enough to establish an argument nowadays. My theory is that over-idealized concepts of the world (and America) have placed too much importance on irrational subjectivity, giving little regard to objectivity, so people attempt to win minds by drawing from and acting on their emotions (rage, insult, flame wars, personal attacks in lieu of logical ones, etc.). In the end, “all opinions are not created equally,” and no one teaches that anymore.

  2. m3mnoch on

    “all opinions are not created equally”

    damn. wish i’d have written that first. absolutely brilliant.

    i might just add that up there to the tagline. it’s got just enough arrogance in it, eh?

    heh. i love having readers that are smarter than i am. between you, haveblue, opa, isaac… hell almost everyone who posts on here sparks great conversations. maybe that’s because it’s still a relatively small crowd. i dunno, but my readers kick ass.

    good stuff.


  3. Voorshwa on

    While I will agree with you that you should constantly evaluate a company, person, etc. I believe a certain amount of “loyalty” to something or someone is not completely out of line. I mean if a company (lets say Blizzard), pumps out numerous games that you thoroughly enjoy, then being loyal to them and giving them the benefit of the doubt in future decisions isn’t wrong.

    This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a negative opinion on the decisions, but giving them a little leeway and watching how it turns out is a good thing. Now, if they consistently do things that just boggle the mind (server queues, constant inventory lag, poor post 60 non-raid content, etc) then you should definitely say screw the loyalty and express your intense dislike for them.

    I think that a good rule of thumb when evaluating things is the age old line, “Quality over quantity.” In the case of gaming, I think that the games that get the most of my money are the ones that have quality content, and quality fans, versus the number of each. This speaks to my recent abandoning of WoW to EQ2. The game and the people are just better in my opinion.

    Ok, enough of my diatribe. Lates.


  4. Tiberius Jones on

    This white on black format is REALLY hard on the eyes!!

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