Followup Thought on IPTV and Consoles: The Scoop

as this whole xbox 360/directtv deal is washing across the news sites, i’m seeing a consistent comment about the 360 (applies equally to the ps3, here too) not having enough hard drive.

at first, that’s what i was thinking too. solving it somehow along the lines of network attached storage or on the media center. but, then, there was the problem of content piracy and drm.

well. i figured out what it’s going to be.

the patent microsoft licensed talks about sticking ads in “streaming” video. the direct tv deal from the scan talks about “dvr-like” functions.

doh! it’s right there!

so, when you are watching ‘live tv’ on any dvr, you have a set amount of space allotted to the live tv cache. that set amout of space is really only a few gigs — even for hdtv. that gives you a window (or an envelope, if you will) where you can fast forward or rewind. you can pause up to an hour or two before it kicks out of pause. basic functionality like that.

it’s that window that needs the hard drive.

microsoft isn’t going to deliver tv to us for download. they are going to stream it to us and use a couple gigs on the 360’s hard drive as a cache to let us have “dvr-like” functionality — not full downloaded media functionality.

in order to enjoy streamed, cached, pausible iptv, you’d only need a couple 2 or 3 gigs free. the current xbox 360 hard drive will work just fine for that.



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