UMD Sucks? What?

evidently umd isn’t selling up to expectations. that’s weird.

“With sales falling below expectations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are cutting back on movie releases for the PSP.”

no! say it isn’t so!

here’s a big DUH! for you sony. proprietary media formats don’t work. period.

my favorite quote, tho: “While comedies that appeal to the core young male gamer demo are doing well, execs say other PSP movies simply aren’t selling.”

that’s what i’m talking about with this whole niche-within-a-niche marketing that sony is doing lately.

*pushes mental note to ps3 team*



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  1. gaminghobo on

    I’m dying from my complete lack of surprise.

  2. MacAttack on

    To bad u didn’t write a piece on this when umds were first introduced, its somewhat parallel to how you see the future of Blue ray!

  3. m3mnoch on

    heh. yeah. i verbally told everyone who would listen. but, i didn’t write it up.

    i’ve toyed with ‘blogging’ for a while. even back in like, ’97 when it was an ‘online journal’ and not really a weblog. never really decided what i wanted to write about. it was mixed. personal. technology. games. movies. all kinds of weird stuff. i’d get bored and move on.

    in my old age, i’ve finally gotten a focus and a fire in my belly.

    for the longest time i only wanted to be a game developer. gradually, as my priorities shifted from ‘me’ to ‘me and my family,’ i decided that was dumb. the coolness was there, but the money wasn’t.

    game developers don’t make shit. and they work all the time.

    it’s depressing. i don’t miss those days at all. i remember realizing one sunday that i’d only slept for 15 hours total the week before. did i make any more cash? nope. just delivered the gold master to the client and proceded to sleep for 15 hours straight. (i was into making what today you’d call advergaming stuff back then.)

    with a video game consumer/developer style blog, tho, i still have an outlet for the creative side of me when i want it, but, i don’t have to use it to put food on the table.

    it’s all win/win for me.

    um. yeah. so, that was a little more than you cared to know, i’m sure. heh.


  4. MacAttack on

    Not really its pretty interesting seems like im starting my life and family with a my 6 month little bugger, and just when I though I was sticking my foot in the door into what I wanted do its more like stepping into nothingness these days. So this helps me pass the time!

  5. Opa on

    I didnt get the pricing on UMD. I dont get the projected pricing on Blu-Ray. From a consumer perspective, a disc is a disc is a disc. Sony can’t command a premium for Blu-Ray since there is such a small gain to be had. Unless a movie is shot on High Def Digital Video (and I think the leading category for this format by far and away is porn) there is no visible benefit.
    Standard film is 24 fps. Video runs at 60 frames interlaced, which means there are actually 30 distinct frames per second, interleaved to give the appearance of 60fps. For a progressive scan high def tv you have to make up the 36 missing frames per second through high tech magic.

    DVD’s have to go through this conversion process even if you are watching on HDTV and using progressive scan. See, the DVD mastering folks HAVE to assume the end user will NOT be using progressive scan. All existing DVD masters are formatted as 480 interlaced NTSC format.

    On upconverted movies you do see noticeable artifacting on most DVD players unless they have high end decoders (yes there are DVD players on the market that still hit 1000.00)

    Blu-Ray disc will still be written to disc as interlaced video unless they are completely remastered (and this means a dude sitting at a chair remastering the movie to disc from film- an expensive and slow process) because the movie studios will not want to re-master every single move to the blu-ray standard for minimal sales. Thus, the potential number of films that can really utilize blu-ray on launch day would be a very small number. Ironically, folks buying blu-ray versions of dvd’s they already own will be buying the SAME EXACT version they have. There will be no noticeable increase in clarity except with the upconversion provided by the PS3 which really isn’t blu-ray now is it?

    New blockbuster movies would look better assuming they were shot on high speed digital film like the Lord of the Rings, but you would be hard pressed to the tell the difference between a bluray player and an upconverting dvd, or even a standard format dvd player on a big screen tv. Blu ray isn’t compelling. Just like UMD isn’t compelling. Just like the Memory stick isn’t compelling (why couldnt the just use flash).

    Look at the HD videos that ship on the 360 hard drive and you will see what real high def video looks like, but remember it’s based on the source media, and how it’s encoded. Blu-ray can only be as strong as the weakest link in the chain.

  6. m3mnoch on

    yep. games initially will be on standard dvd’s. movies initially don’t sound like they will be different from standard dvd’s. yet, sony is expecting consumers to foot the bill to wedge blu-ray into the market.

    sony ftw!


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