Free IPTV on Your Xbox 360.

so. here’s an interesting thought….on wednesday, microsoft licensed some patents that were for “artistically putting advertising or other additional content into Internet Protocol video streams.”

let’s just quickly follow that thought through. we all know that microsoft is trying to make the xbox 360 into the ‘trojan horse’ (lord, i hate that term. almost as much as ‘convergence’ or ‘intellectual property’) of the living room.

what does that really mean? not that you’ll be surfing the web from your couch. not the same thing at all. different delivery channel. different medium. you play to the strengths. you don’t just port crap over.

this ‘trojan horse’ means having your entertainment center connected to the network. it means connecting to your friends. it means connecting to a media service. it means sharing your living room via video or voice with friends and family. or even with service providers you want. (dude. porn’s gonna be huge!)

there’s a biggie. service providers you want — not service providers you’re stuck with. picking your media. every piece of entertainment you want to consume, when you want it, from who you want it and exactly what you want. the living room is about multimedia – music, movies, tv shows, events and games. whatever you want — delivered to you.

you’re not just squinting at text on web pages. anyone who thinks that is a tard.

multimedia is quickly becoming a killer app on the web. from itunes and podcasts to google video and youtube. it’ll be professional stuff. and it’ll be amateur stuff. just as our text based information delivery systems got split, organized and cataloged, our multimedia content will too. you won’t be wasting time on crap you don’t want and aren’t interested in.

want to watch that funny commercial? want to watch that specific news clip from iraq? want to watch the trailer for that movie? a funny satire mashup of duck cheney from your friend? meet the press podcast? video game screenshots? the actual game itself?

all delivered, shared or sought.

it’s about being connected to something greater than just one service.

anyway. back to microsoft and their new patents….

we’ve already determined what the trojan horse is. delivering dynamic video via iptv is just one of the facets. we know the 360 is going to do that.

what’s fun about the patent license, tho, is the ad insertion. it’s not fun because of the ads themselves. it’s fun because of just what we can do with this new system.

  • ad supported means ‘free’ high quality programming.
  • dynamic ‘artistic’ inserts into video streams means it’s not going to be just microsoft’s pick of content.
  • highly detailed and categorized media means well targeted ads for stuff you are actually interested in.

it’s that last one i’m most excited about. everyone hates bad ads. bad advertising is crap pitched to you that you have absolutely no interest in. it’s a waste of our time and the advertiser’s money and needs to go the way of the dodo.

i can’t wait to not have to suffer through yet another local commercial by some terrible ‘crazy al’ selling some dopey hunk of crap product. instead, it could be a commercial for think geek or even ctrl+alt+del.


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  2. Isaac on

    The problem with this “Trojan Horse” is not that you’ll have everything you want when you want it (that’s the great thing), but that it seems that Microsoft will be controlling almost everything when “everything goes online”, unless google and many others do something about it. I just hope Microsoft gets some (serious) competition. (Yes, I know that there is competition for almost everything Microsoft does, but they are mostly for niche markets or not as compatible as… sort of. Well, you know what I mean, but that’s another discussion).

  3. m3mnoch on

    kind of like how microsoft controls almost all computers when they go online?

    microsoft is all about selling the service, don’t get me wrong. that’s their bread and butter. but, i don’t think they are going to care what you do when you are online. just as long as you use their software to do it.

    they are so concentrated on making it easy to develop applications for their platforms. they know that to win from a platform strategy, you need the deepest application library you can get. you need to make it easy for developers to build on your platform.

    you certainly don’t get more content onboard by locking folks out.

    their success is all going to depend on how easy and open it is to integrate into the ‘web browser’ of the 360. it’s not literally going to be a web browser, but, it’ll be the gateway application between the platform (the 360) and the content (all that cool multimedia content).

    google’s not going to do anything about it. the only others who can do anything about it is sony or nintendo. no one else has anything close to enough household penetration.


  4. Isaac on

    I think we were talking about different things. I was saying that when everything is online (and I’m not talking only about gaming and consoles), Microsoft will (want to) make a lot of things dependent on them, just like it is with Windows, Explorer, Office, MSN messenger, etcetera, which, if they have competition right now, it is feeble at best. I mean, sure Firefox is great but I ended up uninstalling it because somehow Microsoft has made windows very dependent on internet explorer. Linux is awesome, but I don’t have much time to learn how to use it properly. I used to use ICQ a lot, and even sometimes AIM and Yahoo Messenger, but eventually, even if it sucked at first, MSN messenger made almost every other chat program worthless, because there were some benefits on several websites if you had the “Passport” ID and eventually MSN copied every other feature available in every other chat program. Still, these things have a lot of flaws, and they are Microsoft’s “Trojan Horses”, and I’m sick of these programming flaws and patches, but anyway….

    I mentioned google because I read somewhere (engadget I think) that they are planning on making cheap computers with internet and their own OS or something like that, and they already have “google video”, so maybe they could implement something like what Microsoft is planning, except it appears that Google is closer to the definition of quality than Microsoft. I hope it becomes serious competition for Microsoft.

    Also, I bet Steve Jobs is thinking “what we have achieved the last few years should be nothing compared to what we should be in the next few years”. I also read somewhere that Mac might even get into the console business (but maybe that’s too risky for them). Anyway, who knows, they might as well become more competition for Microsoft on the video front, given as Microsoft lost the MP3 train already, just like Sony.

    There is more maybe, but I’m tired. If it’s necessary, i’ll post it later.

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