Fundamental Flaws with Sony’s Big Picture Strategy

boy, am i fired up this morning.

with all of the talk about sony’s ps3 trying to do too much and the ‘live killer’ shaking the foundations of the xbox faithful, i thought i would point out a few strategic mistakes sony is making. it’s stuff that seems so very blatant to me, but the world at large seems to be missing some very fundamental lessons capitalistic societies have taught us throughout history.

just buy the hype! regurgitate the information! don’t think!

a few of you out there, no doubt, will just chalk this up to m3mnoch’s spree of ‘sony hatin.’ i say, not sony hating, but sony’s management hating. i think ken kutaragi is an old man who should have retired when he got demoted.

the ps3 will be the shot that kills his albatross.

optional components are just that — optional.
the large (and i mean LARGE) majority of users who are buying a game console are buying it for the games. there’s an old ‘law’ that comes into effect here: pareto distribution. basically, what it means is that a very small fraction of consumers will use most of a products features.

essentially, change is good — just don’t change more than 20% of your product.

it’s a fundamental law of the universe, broken only by brand new ‘disruptive’ technology. (hence why it’s called disruptive.) arguably, nothing about this next generation is disruptive. as reggie has stated before, nintendo is really the only one going out on a limb and shooting for that ‘disruption.’ (and, despite what he says, it’s really only their controller that allows them to qualify for the term ‘disruptive.’) the other two, microsoft and sony, are taking an evolutionary approach instead.

here’s where microsoft is smart and sony is not: microsoft is leaving the optional stuff out of their core offering.

microsoft is controlling costs like a pro this time around (it’s amazing how a $4 billion loss will do that to a fellah.) and sony seems to have gone batshit — spending like fools. let’s take a look at the big players in terms of extras for a ‘game machine.’

with microsoft:

  • you want high definition dvd? add on.
  • you want wireless networking? add on.
  • you want media center abilities? add on.

with sony:

  • you want high definition dvd? built in.
  • you want wireless networking? built in.
  • you want media center abilities? built in.

while some people will say, “so?” the important thing to remember is that all these components add extra cost. (ahem…. see price below.) and, they are not part of the core ‘gaming console’ package.

niche within a niche.
another fundamental problem is sony’s persistent need to integrate their own damn proprietary technology into everything. they make microsoft look like open source advocates!

you would think they’d learned their lesson after the whole ipod embarrassment fiasco. they let an gaijin company soundly thump them about the head and shoulders on their own turf. why? because they didn’t want to support mp3.

their connect service is sucking it up bigtime. same reason. memory stick? yeah — stupid. umd? dumb. why do you think they are trying to give them away in bundles with industry standard dvds? a sony live service with only sony movies or music? dead before it starts. that’s why itunes is a killer. they have content from ALL of the labels.

so, with the ps3, they are setting it up to target a niche (the small percentage of users to actually use their extra, non-gaming features) within a niche (only sony branded media formats and technology).

anyone in the business of mass-market consumer products will tell you that’s stupid.

in japan, price is seen as an indicator of quality. your common consumer will spend exuberant amounts of cash to acquire a premium item. that’s sort of their mindset.

mass-market western world? not so much.

we (i’m american) are mostly concerned with price. low cost is king. it’s all about getting a deal. that’s why places like wal-mart and costco are cleaning house. europe is the same way. it’s about getting the lowest price for the most comparable product. i call it ‘disposable consumerism’ tho, i’m sure there’s an official term for it.

it’s why you buy those $70 portable dvd players. not because you think you’ll use it. not because you think you need it. but because it’s only $70 for a portable dvd player! the western world is all about bargains. ‘look honey! i bought all this crap, but i saved us 30%!’

oh, and, i should also mention that, in video games, the western world makes up over 80% of the market.

japan’s video game market percentage (~12% or so) is actually shrinking as a function of worldwide marketshare. as in, the western world is growing faster than japan is. that’s a big reason japanese developers are standing around, scratching their heads trying to break into the western market. that’s why games like gta (uh… does it get any more western world?) or madden are top sellers.

that’s why western developers keep churning out first person shooters much to japan’s chagrin. because they sell. and they sell well to the largest video game market.

so, you would think sony would try to build a machine that appealed to 80% of their target market, right? nope.

here’s a worst case scenario: if the western world sees an xbox 360 for $300 (the premium package after a price drop because they’ve already been on the market for a year) and a playstation 3 for $600 ($499 + $99 hard drive) — what do you think they are going to buy? the games are the same to joe consumer (multi-platform titles are the norm in order to make back those huge development budgets). the screenshots look the same. both say ‘hi-definition’ on them. both have online services.

the feature sets look pretty identical. one’s just half the price of the other.

no. all of the ps3’s built-in features that are going to be used by a very, very small (that whole niche within a niche thing) segment of gamers are just a big bloat-anchor to the ps3’s price.

online gaming.
video games (hell. all games in general.) are all about playing together — with other people. just think back on that lost family tradition ‘game night.’ single player games were just a cheap substitute for live competition before technology allowed for anything else. it’s not nearly as much fun beating even the best ai as it is to ‘pummel on’ and ‘gloat over’ some other flesh and blood person whom you just handed them their ass.

duh. everyone knows that.

even in less one-on-one games, team games are just that — about teams. would you rather have your buddies on your team or a bunch of bots? it’s fun to play together. there are a few single player breakout hits (in terms of sales, not reviews) but the rest of that sales power curve is dominated by multiplayer gaming.

the real differentiator. the real ‘law of the vital few.’ the real 20% that can change and will still be adopted by the majority of consumers is online gaming.

sony is too late and too slow in coming around to that fact. they recognize the importance. otherwise they wouldn’t have done such an abrupt about-face in the last 6 months — from ‘no unified online service’ to ‘an xbox live killer!’

like that twerp with ‘short man syndrome,’ kutaragi is just over compensating.



i just thought i’d wave at all of you folks coming in from the avs forums.


and, i’d also like to point you to the article where i am not even “trying to be believable in his rants.” why, yes, “special member” richard paul. you guessed correctly — kind of. i’m not trying to be believable. that’s the whole point of that post. to illustrate how unbelievable their plan is.

you may also want to read my post on The Blu-Ray of Damocles or even why DVD-9 is Not Too Small. my favorite that i think you’d like? probably the one about sony Breaking Consumer Economic Principles.

and, hell, i’ll even quote some stuff i wrote on joystiq about why — get this — high definition dvd formats are stupid in a console!

the trickle of hd content is actually just a symptom.

the actual problem with hdtv adoption is that there’s no consumer pain point to solve. not like the move from vhs -> dvd (a technology that caught ‘fire’) or the move from broadcast -> dvr. (also caught/catching fire)

with dvd, you didn’t have to rewind!
with dvr’s you now CAN rewind!

hdtvs are seen as technology just for the sake of technology by the majority of consumers. they don’t need to see every blade of grass. they don’t care what’s on that piece of paper. they don’t want to see all the pores in william h. macy’s face. they don’t feel like they are missing anything of value by not upgrading — they still get the same content, writing, sound and features as an hdtv owner. just with a little less fidelity. not to mention it’s confusing: 720p? 1080i? dlp? lcd? what?

it’s the same reason not everyone has a big screen tv. people don’t feel like they are missing enough to pay 3 or 4 times the price for a big screen. (meaning ~$300 for a 27″ or going to ~$1000 for a big screen)

so, until a killer app comes along, we’re just going to see hdtv growth through attrition. as old tv sets die, hdtv prices are pretty comparable to standard definition prices so they “might as well get an hdtv.”

it’s consumer apathy that’s been killing the hdtv market.

multiply that by about 10 and you are seeing the hints of consumer apathy that will control the high def dvd market too. the problem there is that many people already think dvd is high def. heh.

yeah. it’s pretty safe to say that high def dvd is going no where for a while. growth through attrition. awesome.

microsoft fanboy? uh. if it helps you sleep at night — sure. whatever. i prefer the term ‘jackass who hollers loudly about stupid business decisions in the entertainment industry — no matter who makes them!

…with the exclamation point of course.

everyone else from the avs forums? it’s been a pleasure to entertain you for a bit. thanks for stopping by.

ru paul? i hope you enjoy your ps3. let me know how you like it.


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  1. Voorshwa on

    Bravo, sir. BRAVO! I couldn’t agree with you more.



  2. m3mnoch on

    hahahahahhahah! damn that was fast, voorshwa. you must be a subscriber.


  3. anonymous on

    I’d like to discuss a couple points.

    The DVD player in the PS2 drove sales. Period. It was included, not an extra. Since both M$ and $ony have said they want the current generation to last 10 years, I’d think that the inclusion of an HD capable drive will create sales for whichever companies include one. Same with 1080p support: the longer the current generation consoles last, the more people will realize the difference between the systems.

    As well, game developers seem to be saying that over time the PS3 will probably do things that the 360 will choke on. As well, over time production costs will go down, making the more-expensive-to-produce-but-costlier system, well, just better. As well, Sony owns all or part of several of the technologies in PS3, like Blu-Ray and Cell, so they don’t have to pay market-determined wholesale prices to other companies for them. Bottom line: They’re getting more capability dollar for dollar spent, and as the dollars spent decrease time, revenue will be higher.

    The cost comparison is short-sighted in other words. And as you said, $300 vs. $600 is optimistic for the 360 camp, when it could easily be a $400 vs. $500 battle, or 400 vs. 450, or….

    “that’s a big reason japanese developers are standing around, scratching their heads trying to break into the western market.”

    True, they know they must sell in the US and Europe. And they are. Japanese companies make most of the best games, as many or most US gamers, in my experience, would agree. Sports games are an outlier; other than those….who makes Resident Evil? Metal Gear? Final Fantasy? Tekken? Devil May Cry? Mario? Zelda? etc. And stronger Japanese support for the PS3, even though it will erode somewhat this iteration, favors the PS3 and harms the 360. (The last two will be Nintendo-exclusive obviously, but the point is that the Japanese companies can and do penetrate the US quite well with many of the best games, Madden completely notwithstanding. The big sports games tend to come from one company only, and that’s EA.)

    By the way, the Madden-heads want the best hardware available to play Madden or NBA 2K8 or whatever. Which system will that be for the 5-10 years after PS3 launches? And the rushed Madden on the 360 stutters and lost MS lots of Madden fans.

    I personally agree with you that online is important, and I think Sony is right to offer a live service integrating game and media features. But I’ll point out that a number of business analysts have scorned MS’s approach, saying that online play is only a niche segment, and that games + media will beat games + online games anyday.

    “here’s where microsoft is smart and sony is not: microsoft is leaving the optional stuff out of their core offering.”

    Long term, this would be exactly the reason why I’d say Sony is being smart and MS is not. A consoles games are limited in quality by the lowest common denominator: whether ALL the consoles have a hard drive, whether they have an HD drive, what is the CPU/GPU bandwidth, etc.

    Cost will go down. The quality, you’re stuck with for the entire generation.

  4. anonymous on


  5. firerock on

    I agree that Sony wants their PS3 to be a all-in-one system for every user, but the cost is their biggest concern. Sure, Sony owns those technology that they use in PS3, but how long can Sony take on the lost compare to MSFT? $2 Billion? I don’t think so. Sony has to keep itself afloat while combating Nintendo and MS. The only profitable segament for Sony is their gaming sector. How long can Sony hold off the price war? Even MS is smart enough to hold off on HDDVD, I just don’t see why Sony has to squeeze BR into their new system.

    I don’t think PS3 will fall too far behind X360, but it might get ugly before al things are settled.

  6. m3mnoch on


    first.  a couple things.
    1) anything intelligent you had to say was automatically panned because you used “M$ and $ony”
    2) anonymous?  sissy.

    now.  on with your ‘issues.’

    hdtv does not address a consumer pain point.  that’s just plain and simple.  vhs -> dvd did.  consumers all of a sudden didn’t have to rewind!  that is the reason hdtv has been out for a decade and we are still looking at < 20% adoption rates.  high definition dvd is in the same exact boat.  hell.  most consumers (go ahead, ask your sister) don't even know dvds aren't high definition already.  again, you are looking at 10 years before adoption hits 20% for a hi-def dvd format of any kind. that is, if holographic storage with it's exponential storage increase over blu-ray doesn't crush it first. adoption rates are directly tied to a valuable percieved benefit by the consumer.  i mean, for god's sake, how long has hdtv been available?  i know super geeks who still can't explain the difference between 1080p and 1080i to me. *snort*  yeah.  high definition dvds are so NOT going to cement into the marketplace. of those games you named off, i'll agree that they are good games.  are they top sellers?  sales on resident evil crushes the rest of the pack.  you know why?  because it's available on MULTIPLE CONSOLES!  we're talking sales, not ratings.  keep up. which, brings me to my next point.  big selling games are going to be cross platform.  they have to be in order to recoup development dollars invested.  ask any publisher if they'd rather have psychonauts or harry potter in their library? games are about business.  business is about making money.  there is a huge movement towards homogeny in the industry.  blanketing all of the games across all platforms -- from king kong to resident evil 5. and, on long term console sustainability?  look at last generation.  the xbox had superior hardware -- same price.  that's how they were able to get a foothold in the market.  had they been 20%-50% more expensive than the ps2, it would have gone to shit. looking back at last generation, it seems to me like the ps2 is still producing good games.  are you saying that becuase the hardware quality is worse than the first xbox, the games are poor quality?  you should look at the iaas awards, man. and, that's in a generation that developers unaimously agree has a greater technology gap than this upcoming one. meaning, last generation, the hardware was much further apart in terms of performance than this generation is.  that means cross platform games (in theory) will be easier to port.  that means the best games on each system will look even closer to par with each other in quality. stuck with quality my ass. and, when exactly will costs go down?  hmmm?  it took 3 years of dvd being on the market as a standalone device before the ps2 came out with dvd players.  i know i was already on my second one. do you know why i was already on my second dvd player?  because early generation consumer electronics suck -- that's why.  with the triple wavelength, cone-shaped head in the blu-ray player only being 18 months old...  uh...  don't you think it should...  i dunno...  get manufactured a bit to get the processes worked out first? never in the history of consoles has someone launched with brand new technology AND subsidized it.  there's a reason early hardware is priced for early adopters. anyway, blah, blah, blah.  i've written tons on why the console is too expensive for sony to take a substantial loss.  from just captial costs to creating channel conflict. the ps3 is just a bad, bad idea from sony's perspective. as a consumer?  sure!  put all kinds of crazy shit in a box and sell it to me for cheap! what?  it's not going to be cheap?  what?  you're going out of business now because you don't have the money to sustain your stupid expensive console?  what?  sce is going the way of sega?  ken kutaragi sold me this crappy console and then disappeared? too bad.  now, as a consumer, i have this big, expensive, unsupported doorstop. goooooooo sony! m3mnoch.

  7. Andrew on

    anonymous, ten years? I seriously doubt it. Holographic disks and online distribution may mature within the next five. MS is already thinking about the 3rd iteration of the XBox.

    In any case, even if Bluray drives sales, Sony will still take a loss. The PS3 is manufactured at a loss and will be for quite some time. That’s a given. Yet until people get HDTVs on a larger scale and care enough about the difference between SD and HD, people are not going to buy Blu-ray discs. So the question is whether or not Sony can sustain its losses until Bluray takes off (assuming it does) — and that’s a huge question mark. As firerock pointed out, MS has a much larger warchest than Sony does.

    Regarding graphics differences, the PS2 itself is an obvious counter. The difference between the original XBox and the PS2 were much greater than than the difference between the 360 and the PS3 will likely be, but the PS2 still outsold the XBox.

  8. Anoynymous on

    If anyone expects these next gen consoles to last 10 years you are fooling yourself. Sure they (Sony, MS) would like them too, but it aint gonna happen. PC development goes forward each year. Neither of these systems will be competing (graphics wise) with PC’s in a few years. There are inherent advantages to consoles for sure. A “set” machine with certain capabilities as opposed to a myriad of different PC configurations. But the fact remains that the PC industry drives technology further each year. I enjoy PC gaming, but at the same time I also enjoy consoles. Going back to the Sears Telearcade mahince we had in the late 70’s I have had almost every console ever released. I am not rich, but I consider gaming a hobby and I work hard to afford the systems.

    I have heard this many times before about longevity, but it is not going to happen. It is certainly conceivable that 6-7 years is a possibility this time, but 10 years is a stretch.

    The landscape is certainly changing with regard to entertainment. While many companies want to be the set top box that you rely on in your living room, I dont see it happening this generation. If I want to surf the internet I will do it on my computer. I do not use any of my consoles to watch DVD’s. I use my dedicated player. Why would I want to power up my 360 just to watch movies? Granted if it were some incarnation of HD-DVD I might–for a while. But once the price comes down on dedicated players I would opt for that instead. Maybe its me but I would rather turn on a “dumb” dedicated player to watch movies rather than powering up a console with a brick of a power supply. Not a knock on the 360, the PS3 will have a large power supply as well.

    Integration in the living room is what companies are aiming for, but I dont think we as consumers are ready for it. You may be, but if you are you are in the minority. Keep in mind that it wasnt until the past couple of years that DVD sales exploded. That happened not because of the PS2 including DVD, it happened once prices dropped to impulse buying levels (sub $100).

    I think MS was correct in not going with HD-DVD and releasing early. I would be curious to know the breakdown on HD tv vs regular Tv’s in the USA. Gamers are typically on the cutting edge. Early adopters for sure. Truth is I can name on two hands the number of people I know that have HD tv now. That doesnt include the people I game with online, but there again, they are gamers. Like I said I would rather have a dedicated machine to watch movies, I will use my console to game with. I dont see the need to turn on a giant electricity hog to just watch a movie.

    Integration is coming, but I think Sony is trying to force it down our throats too early. Actually it has more to with Blu-Ray than anything. Just like the BetaMax and VHS wars of the early 80’s. Much like then, regardless of the outcome this time, the loser will be the early adopters who pick the wrong format. Ultimately there will be just one. Having two is confusing for consumers and unnecessary.

    The stakes are high though. The winner is looking at a lot of money. I am talking about BR vs HD-DVD at the moment.

    As for the PS3 vs 360. Well I have a 360. If I see something compelling on the PS3 I will probably get one at some point. But the decision doesnt hinge on it having Blu-Ray. I could care less. Its all about the games for me. Some consider this a Trojan Horse attempt by Sony to win the HD format. Could be, but I think the choice will be made by consumers–regular consumers. Not gamers who are on the cutting edge.

    Early adopters are important for sure. But generally speaking, until these get below $200 and actually closer to $100, the real war hasnt started. Talking about HD vs Blu-Ray again. Guess I should stop rambling from one to the next, but it is important with regard to the success of the 360/PS3.

    With that in mind, I have no doubts the PS3 will probably be a large success. Brand loyalty alone will sell a ton of them. However, if you are hinging your choice on the fact that the PS3 will have Blu-Ray you are missing the point as a gamer. Let “normal” consumers sort that affair out. If the major movie industry players decide tomorrow that they want HD-DVD instead of Blu-Ray, guess what? HD-DVD will win the format war. Regardless of how many PS3’s Sony sells.

    The movie industry is really concerned about content and the ability to bypass copy protection. There are certainly technicalities to the issue of storage space of each medium, but they are close enough that the main deciding factor will be the copy protection. You can still get plenty of HD content on HD-DVD. But if it is as easy to bypass as DVD’s are with regard to content copying then the movie industry will shy away.

    What does this have to do with the 360 vs PS3? I dunno. But I do know that I tire of reading post after post on the internet from “kids” who love Sony or MS. This industry was around before many of you were even born. Sony didnt invent gaming. They managed to enter at an opportune time and were able to better see where gaming was heading–3D and were able to deliver a machine that was better for that than the competition–Sega and Nintendo. Props to Sony for that. In fact I remember reading about Sony’s plans before the PS shipped. I was glad to see they were looking forward.

    But this time I think they are looking too far forward. Again, the number of households that have HD TV’s is minor in comparison to standard TV’s. Regardless of which format wins HD or Blu-Ray, it isnt going to affect the average consumer for years. Look how long it took for DVD’s to supplant VHS. Consumers werent required to buy anything additional to make that change, yet it still took a while. This time everyone has to buy new TV’s. Fine for me and you, but what about the average consumer? Not happening until they are forced to or the ridiculous price of HDTV comes down. But that wont happen until HDTV is standard. Its a close relationship.

    FCC requirements will help to change that soon. But by the time that actually is enforced, well this generation of consoles will be starting to look long in the tooth. I know that sounds hard to believe, but just keep an eye on PC technology and you will see.

    I dont know what I am trying to say other than just buy what you want, but for the love of God, could everyone please grow up. Please stop bashing someone else for choosing something different than you. None of us wants “one” company to rule the roost. As an example, where do you think PC technology would be without AMD? They compete with Intel which is good. Otherwise we would still be using

  9. firerock on

    This coming console war is almost narrowing down to this: X360 with Revo, or PS3 with Revo. Since MSFT and Sony are offering their products in such closeness to each other, people are less likely to get both at the same time. So far, MSFT has a slight lead because of their online service. But Sony has a slight lead in storage (BR), but that is still an unkonwn because of the lower quality compare to other BR player.

  10. m3mnoch on

    actually, rock, i have a piece i’m writing that talks about that. sharp eye.

    anonymous. if you would look closer at what i write, it’s not about bashing the company ‘because the xbox is better,’ it’s bashing sony’s management for making dumb business mistakes.

    i have issues with their business practices, not their products.

    i mean, for god’s sake, do i really sound like some fanboy ‘my console is better than yours’ fool?

    competition is good for the marketplace. the more choices, the better. sony is effectively removing themselves from the game with the ps3. i think that’s stupid.



  11. Anoynymous on

    Sorry, my post was cut off. I didnt mean to imply that you were bashing or a fanboy or a kid. I was talking about what I read everywhere else. I agree with most everything you have posted. 🙂 When I say “you” in my post it was in general to the fanboys, on both sides of the fence. Some of these people act like Sony is their mother or father. Blindy repeating everything Sony says–like the all the pre-rendered footage of KZ. I am a 3D artist animator, I knew it was pre-rendered from the get go, but you cant argue with these people. They will see the truth soon though, the truth as you have said is that both of these machines are quite close in overall ability. The problem for Sony is that the development environment for the 360 is vastly superior to what Sony has provided so far. I do not program but I have an artist friend who I correspond with who works for one the larger Japanese developers. He said that the programmers that he knows in the company are having fits with the Cell and development in general. That said a lot to me. Will they get games out? For sure, but it will only be the top tier developers that will realise the true potential of the PS3 because it is hard to work with. On the other hand, MS has provided superior tools, this will really shine through once we get into the second generation of software.

    With each console the second generation of software is always better, at least technically. I think it will be more exaggerated this time because very few developers have experience programming for multi-core. The software I use has been multi-core friendly for years. But those types of threads are easy. Give each of them a frame or a section of the screen and have at it. I think over the life of both of these consoles the difference will be astounding. Which is why I say that 6-7 years is a possibility.

    Again, no I dont see you as a fanboy, nor do I see all Sony fans as such. But the most blind sided people generally come from the Sony side. Peace.

  12. haveblue on

    Hi Christopher,

    Another good post. Please keep it up! I’m glad I found your blog via Major Nelson’s.

    I am also not a Sony hater. I have a PS2 with good games and a nice Sony TV and stereo. What strikes me about your post is actually not the possible Sony blunders at all. For me, it’s the fact that almost nobody else is talking about or even considering these issues. I’m not reading these ideas anywhere else. Why don’t I see this analysis in EGM or IGN or even Teamxbox?

    Why is that? I think you are indirectly exposing a bigger problem within the current console war, namely a gaming “press” that seems to want to play it safe and dub Sony the next-gen winner without any product to examine or any analysis of what they are up to. Keep writing the PR fluff and keep the status quo. Don’t upset the gravy train. As such, there are few interesting articles to read. It seems like it started with the Killzone video at last year’s E3. Everybody wants to parrot the party line, and so every story is some derivative of “Hey guys, it’s Sony-they get a free pass and PS3 is going to pwn!”

    The double standard in the media these days seems to be: we will question what Microsoft is doing (shortages, world wide launch strategy, etc.) because we are fair and will tell it like it is. We will not question what Sony is doing (or not doing) because they won the last 2 generations and we all know the past ALWAYS predicts the future.

    And so I got bored of EGM, GI, Gamespot, IGN, etc. I’m glad I found something better to read. I’m trying to spread the word.

  13. m3mnoch on

    right on. thanks for stopping by, haveblue.

    i started to write back to you in here, but it started taking on a life of its own. made it into a new post.



  14. Ali Eslami on

    Nice post. Very refreshing.

    This website is now officially on my RSS list. 😀

  15. bv on

    I love how you repeatedly bring up rumors or conjectures about the PS3 that you discovered off of other gaming sites and define them as set in stone facts. The truth is, you have no idea what will happen and every prediction you make has zero credibility. Such a small percentage, maybe 10 or 15 percent, of Sony’s plans for the Playstation 3 are even known. No doubt will the designs for the controller and console case change as well as the specifications. Who knows, maybe they will offer an included hard drive with the console…you don’t know. The fact that Sony’s PS3 spec page says a Hard Drive is optional does not conclude the console won’t include one. I can’t wait to see the lack of Sony hate articles on this blog once the Playstation 3 finally debuts…I’m sure I will be reading about how the Nintendo Revolution annoys you because the console doesn’t come in pink.

  16. m3mnoch on

    rumors and conjectures? like, how ‘connect’ is tanking? that’s a rumor? not really sure what rumors you’re talking about. just going on sony issued information and historical consumer tendencies, man.

    from other gaming sites? what the hell other gaming site talks about things like channel conflict with blu-ray? what other gaming site talks about niche-within-a-niche marketing mistakes? seriously, are you from mars? it’s okay. you can fill me in. i won’t tell. promise….

    “The fact that Sony’s PS3 spec page says a Hard Drive is optional does not conclude the console won’t include one.”

    so. let me get this straight. just because sony says it’s optional, doesn’t make it optional? huh? so, either sony is lying to us or you’re a martian.

    “I’m sure I will be reading about how the Nintendo Revolution annoys you…”

    actually, now that you mention it, i’m finishing up a short piece on how nintendo’s console proposition this generation is the most refreshing and interesting. maybe not the most revenue hungry, but, profit’s profit, right?

    at least, it is here on earth.



  17. SLargent on

    Great read! Keep it up!

  18. Sh0cKa on

    yes, i love this site! you have to keep it up great discussions and insite into WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?! I really wonder what the f sony and people are thinking. They are trying way to hard when they should just be trying to put up the best gamming device and not all this other niche stuff that is setting them back. Oh well I am enjoying my 360 and reading yours and joystiqs blogs…where i first found this site from your bery good posts on there. I hope more people find this site also and the descussions get even better! thanks m3moch!

  19. Opa on

    This site rules. Finally someone actually discussing the mechanics of business and cogently illustrating the insanity of Ken Kutaragi.

    BV, you need to check your powder before you accuse someone of being a fanboy and use an illustration of the optional Sony hard drive and say it’s not optional.

    BV, also, you have NOTHING concrete to point to about anything with the PS3. At this point Howard Stringer is probably trying to figure out how to undo the mess Kutaragi has created. I suspect that is why there is a total blackout on PS3 info. They have already backed out on some features, notably the router function, and the once standard, now optional hard drive.

    Finally, BV, you (like all the other Sony fanatics) say the PS3 isn’t final, “No doubt will the designs for the controller and console case change as well as the specifications.”, but you accepted the KZ video as real, when anyone looking at it could tell it was a pre-rendered CGI movie. It wasn’t even rendered in real time. The PS3 demo at last years E3 was a total and complete fraud. Yet you persist in defending a company that has consistenly sold you promises it cannot keep. I see none of you Sony fans taking them to task for blatant fraud. This is odd because no technology company gets a free pass, not Nvidia, ATI, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc. If you screw up, you get called on it. Oddly enough Sony for some reason isn’t held to the same standard.

    Meanwhile, the XBOX 360 is out, all of my early adopter friends have one, my PS2 friends are buying them, and games are starting to roll out. There could be well over 100 games for the 360 on shelves by the time the PS3 launches.

    While this is not directly related, I have to laugh at Sony’s claims of it’s XBOX live killer. They don’t have the know how, the technology, or the network to support such an enterprise. I know from the telecommunications business that a network provider would have announced the infrastructure deal by now, since they would have to report future revenues on a sale that large. As this has not happened, and no global telecomm provider has even hinted they are in the running to support the Sony network I highly doubt it will be centralized like Live. Without a centralized network for their live competitor it is doomed to failure.

  20. m3mnoch on

    “I know from the telecommunications business that a network provider would have announced the infrastructure deal by now, since they would have to report future revenues on a sale that large.”

    brilliant! that’s entirely true. i hadn’t even thought to look at that angle. what the hell are they doing with it?

    what makes me laugh? their reactions to the 360 version of live.

    before 360 live launch:
    unified services are stupid. we won’t have one.

    after 360 live launches to incredible success:
    we have an xbox live killer! subscription service all the way!


  21. bv on

    “BV, you need to check your powder before you accuse someone of being a fanboy and use an illustration of the optional Sony hard drive and say it’s not optional.”

    Der de der der..insert comment about how i smoke crack and everyone will laugh. First of all, m3mnoch is a fanboy and he admits it. My hard drive issue is that its very possible for them to include the hard drive in the box with a premium version just like the 360. You can easily make the assesment that the hard drive for the 360 is optional.

    “BV, also, you have NOTHING concrete to point to about anything with the PS3. At this point Howard Stringer is probably trying to figure out how to undo the mess Kutaragi has created. I suspect that is why there is a total blackout on PS3 info. They have already backed out on some features, notably the router function, and the once standard, now optional hard drive.”

    What do you know about whats going on behind the scenes? Your just spitting opinions and utter bullshit. The only reason your making these claims is because Sony has kept a tight lip on all info about the Playstation 3 and as a result you’re scared.

    “Finally, BV, you (like all the other Sony fanatics) say the PS3 isn’t final, “No doubt will the designs for the controller and console case change as well as the specifications.?, but you accepted the KZ video as real, when anyone looking at it could tell it was a pre-rendered CGI movie”

    Uh, i never said that, and how do you know its pre-rendered? Do you work for guerilla games? Oh thats right, “anyone looking at it could tell”.

    Keep it up fanboy.

  22. m3mnoch on

    um. and, i’m pretty sure i’ve never claimed to be a fanboy. i’m a fan of smart business strategy. i’m a fan of cool, useful technology. i’m a fan of a lot of things. tho, i don’t just blanket accept anything anyone tells me. i question everything. nobody gets a free pass.

    heh. here’s actually an example from today. a friend of mine asked me where i’d recommend they bought a computer. i told them hp. my wife turned to me and asked why i didn’t recommend dell. the last time she heard me make a hardware purchase recommendation, it was for a dell computer.

    well. hp was cheaper now. similar support options. similar customer service. similar hardware. just cheaper. (also, note that dell’s earnings came out with tons of profit — which spurred me to check.)

    i have no blanket loyalty for any company. i have no blanket loyalty for any person. i reevaluate everything all the time. if you are in my good graces today, that doesn’t mean shit about tomorrow. one of the few things i hate in this world is people (or companies) resting on their laurels. you have to prove yourself every single day. that, or get the hell out of the game.

    that being said, i am pretty generous with the benefit of the doubt. it’s certainly not a one strike your out kinda thing, but, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice? that’s my goddamn fault.

    and, i’ve said many times that i didn’t care if anyone called me a fanboy.

    why is that? because i’m a firm believer that anyone who uses the word ‘fanboy’ seriously in a post is pretty much a chucklehead with a worthless opinion and shouldn’t be taken seriously. they are someone who, rather than back any argument with legitimate, cognitive reasoning, they resort to brain flatulence.

    so. uh. yeah. call me a fanboy. whatever helps you justify my existence in your little world.


  23. Opa on

    No BV, the only reason I make these claims is because Sony has proven time and time again what they claim and what becomes reality are 2 very different things.

    Actually anyone not emotionally vested in a plastic fantasy could tell it’s pre-rendered by the camera angles, but i digress. To this day there is no concrete proof it is actual gameplay which Sony passed it off as. Also i believe Guerilla games later said that video is what they aspire to. Well hell, I would think every video game designer would aspire to that. Is it a realistic expectation? No.

    But this is the whole problem with Sony and the PS3. They have hinted at, and the Sony fanboys have ascribed, mythic properties to the PS3. Sony is lying to you and all of the PS3 fanatics. The numbers just dont add up. Nowhere on the price production curve does the PS3 generate a profit for Sony, so something has to give.

    “What do you know about whats going on behind the scenes? Your just spitting opinions and utter bullshit.” – LOL. Do you even read what you have typed before you click Say it!?

    I have gone back and re-read what you have said. You haven’t said really anything definitive one way or the other. You say the hard disk is optional and included, but that we need to conclude the xbox 360’s hard disk was optional? Circular logic anyone? No one at xbox ever said the hard disk was included unless you bought the premium package. Sony has repeatedly hinted the machine would have a hard drive, or that 2 models of the 360 is stupid, yada yada yada. Now look who’s doing the same thing. Without competition, there would be nothing to keep Sony honest. I would highly doubt we would have the games we have today on either console without competition.

    And why exactly would i be scared of Sony? Are they going to take my XBOX 360 away? Are they going to force me to play GT5? I don’t think so. Why are you so emotionally invested in Sony? Who’s the fanboy again?

    I am watching this from an observer watching a train wreck standpoint. The numbers dont make sense. I would urge you to read Conspiracy of Fools (about the Enron debacle). There are warning signs all over the place with Sony and the PS3. Sony has taken a HUGE risk, for only modest gain. Xbox WILL take more market from sony this generation – that much is certain and you can look at a slew of analysts for that data. If their movie division has a bad run of movies for whatever reason their capital, access to low interest, bond funding, stock sales will become more expensive.

    And BV, if you don’t understand an expression just say so. “Check your powder” has NOTHING to do with drug references at all.

  24. […] and now, sony is apparently hitting not only the niche-within-a-niche, but the niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche. brilliant! […]

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