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did you know the psp only has a 2 game attach rate?  erg.  how long has it been out on the market?  i wonder what the ds game attach rate is.



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  1. Me on

    Christopher, I’ve been reading through your blog and I have concluded that you seem to have quite a grudge against someone. Please, go ahead reporting your biased stories, but if I may ask, don’t spread your hate into public forums, I think people may find that quite rude.

  2. m3mnoch on

    you are very welcome to have your opinion. probably, i would imagine, for the same reasons i’m allowed to have mine.

    the difference?

    i’m not playing anonymous. i’m stating my opinion out there for the world to judge it. in fact, i get somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 95% of folks agreeing with me. maybe not quite as vehemently, but agreeing nonetheless.

    i am allowed to have an opinion. i am allowed to post it in comments. i am allowed to express it anywhere where opinions are requested — comment threads, forums, blogs, you name it.

    that’s sort of what they are for.

    as far as hate? nah. you can count the number of things in this life that i hate on one hand. it just so happens that stupid business decisions is one of them.

    mind you, that’s totally different than stupid companies. poor decisions are a subset of a company, thus, any company can control that. it’s not sony (i’m assuming that’s what you are talking about) that i’m irritated with, it’s the decisions their management have made over the last 3 or 4 years that bum me out.

    spreading hate… heh. you act like i’m crushing your favorite kitten in a fit of neo-nazi rage.


  3. firerock on

    I don’t think m3mnoch is spreading the hate on the web. The last time I checked, this is the internet age and everyone can opinion their voice. it’s up to the viewer to decide to come here or not. He might not be the most objective person on different issues (everyone has their beliefs), but at least he backs up his words with reasons. You got to repect that.

  4. m3mnoch on

    thanks, man.

    also, another thing. reporting news or ‘facts’ requires objectivity. opinion, by its very nature, is purely subjective.

    nobody cares about objective opinion. what if i added a deflating “we’ll just have to wait and see” to the end of every statement.


    you don’t leave your ass hanging out in the wind for sure, but, also, you don’t get to put a stake in the ground. you don’t become a thought leader. you’re just another one of the millions of people sitting on the fence — being safe — saying things like “it could also go the other way.”

    but, it really only goes one way in the end doesn’t it?


  5. paradox on

    What’s at attach rate…(I’m a n00b, I know)

  6. Isurus on

    The attach rate is how many games on average a PSP owner has purchased thus far. Considering the PSP has been out for around a year now, the 2 game attach rate is rather pathetic (I have to admit that I own a PSP and have only 3 retail games [and tons of homebrew 🙂 ]). In comparison, I believe the Xbox 360 attach rate is already greater than 4.

    and ‘ME’, do you even understand the concept of blogs? Why do you have a problem with m3mnoch expressing his opinions, which are almost always reasonable and backed up with facts? I’ll take his posts anyday over the illogical fanboy posts that overcome almost all the major gaming blogs.

  7. m3mnoch on

    yep, yep.

    and, in theory, they go up over the life of the console. sort of at an inverse accelleration to new console sales. for example, i want to say i read somewhere that the ps1 is at an attach rate of about 10 games per console.


  8. m3mnoch on

    damn. i forgot…

    paradox, you nub!!!!



  9. jCsickZ on

    I have 5 games for the psp. I only play one, though, it’s GTA.

  10. MacAttack on

    I have 2 games for the psp and 4 for the 360, wow they really hit the nail on the head on that one!

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