Choosing a New Theme

so, the hobo changed his theme on the same day i was thinking of changing mine. coincidence? hrm. absolutely! funny? nah. prolly not. changing themes is fun and easy. is it good for branding your site? hell no. heh.

  1. almost spring. i want my tagline in the header. other non-spring colors? rejected.
  2. banana smoothie? puh-leeeeeze. rejected.
  3. benevolence. hard to read font. other photos than grass? rejected.
  4. blix. another great theme. too bad pastels are addicting. rejected.
  5. connections. clean. elegant. but it munges the links into one group. like the date position for the posts. green tho? rejected.
  6. contempt. fantastic — but for the header. soooooo 1998. rejected.
  7. fauna. great text fontography. everything else is terrible. rejected.
  8. green marinee. one of my favorites. but, again, green? dammit. rejected.
  9. hemmingway. my aboslute favorite. love the layout. love the comments. the text is not high contrast enough and gets lost on laptops. rejected. (please, please fix this one!)
  10. neat. one of the best themes. but! no title. no tagline. and why the borders on linked images? rejected.
  11. fresh bananas. seriously. what the hell? rejected.
  12. ocadia. fantastic. except! i hate the stupid looking rounded-corner-dropshadow boxes. the rest of the theme is hard lines and soft gradients — why the drop shadow? rejected.
  13. pool. bad link rollovers. no tagline. rejected.
  14. regulous. best theme overall, i think. the main column is just a bit too thin. boo-ya for customizable themes! maybe.
  15. rubric. bad rollovers. no tagline. a pen? can we swap out with other images? rejected.
  16. sapphire. bad visited link color. side links disappear on detail pages.  header could use a bit of love. rejected.
  17. shocking blue green. color’s not my cup of tea. no tagline. rejected.
  18. silver is the new black. too wide. i’m not a big fan of unconstrained text. no tagline. rejected.
  19. toni. terrible, terrible, terrible color for links. the same color as the text? hide and seek? c’mon! get your head out of your ass, chris m. no tagline. rejected.
  20. white as milk. not really a big fan of the right-justified, boring link listings. maybe.
  21. classic. copy font is too hard to read in large blocks. too wide. no tagline. rejected.
  22. default. solid theme. hate the header. rejected.
  23. andreas09. don’t like the link color and bolding. hate the boxes around side links. rejected.

ah well. connections saphire regulous it is.



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