Attention: Wannabe Game Developers

just to follow up a bit on my manifesto-like thing from yesterday, i thought i’d point you over to the always seminal ‘make it big in games’ blog by jeff tunnell. his post on ‘five foundational steps to surviving as a game developer‘ rings true with a lot of what i said.

if you wanna work in games, prepare to live low budget for the rest of your life. if you want to “live downtown San Francisco, drive a Porsche, have three kids, eat out every night, have Starbucks two times per day, charge up the credit cards, and live the way most of society tells you to” then, get a job at hp or ibm and code java against oracle while you’re building executive dashboards full of business analytics — not games.



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  1. Voorshwa on

    Hmm, so I guess maybe I did something right in my life? Dream has always been to get into game development, but this job doing business intelligence programming pays so much better. Maybe I can be a hobbyist or something when I retire. ;o)

    In all seriousness, I think if you love something enough you wouldn’t mind being broke most of your life. Although I could be wrong. /shrug


  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. yep. that’s why so many of us make a pittance on our game dev work and pay the bills with real software development or pizza machines!


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