What Kind of Superhero are You?

the good? superman and spider-man kick ass.

the bad? i’m more like robin than batman….

where do you stand?


8 comments so far

  1. hombrelobo on

    Hi!I like your blog, how did you put in “syndication” that stat counter of feedburner? do you host your blog in wordpress right?

  2. gaminghobo on

    I’m Spiderman!

  3. m3mnoch on

    spider-man rules!

    oh, and i got the image from feedburner. they give you a link and then you just set it as the image for your feedburner link.


  4. paradox on

    I’m Superman! The percent is kind of low, which is kind of depressing because even a computer tells me that I will never be a superhero..

    well better throw that cape out…

  5. paradox on

    gotta hate comment spam…

  6. m3mnoch on

    heh. comment spam? where? i can’t see anything over this damn delete button.


  7. Grindstone on

    About time I finally made a post here.

    Anyway, I made “the Flash” at 75%, followed by Superman. Meh, I was hoping for the Hulk.

  8. m3mnoch on

    heh. grindstone! good to see ya. c’mon in, the water’s warm!


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