PS3 Development

lyndon homewood: “At the end of the day it’s just a multi-processor architecture. If you can get something running on eight threads of a PC CPU, you can get it running on eight processors on a PS3 – it’s not massively different. There is a small ‘gotcha’ in there though. The main processor can access all the machine’s video memory, but each of the seven SPE chips has access only to its own 256k of onboard memory”

the conclusion from the article: “So there you go. PS3 is relatively easy to program for if you have experience with high-end PCs – certainly more straightforward than PS2 with its proprietary graphics APIs.”

uh. yeah. it’s easier than the ps2. sweet?

that’s like saying “a garden tractor is easier to plow 1000 acres with than a hoe because it has a motor.”  how about using a big-ass, industrial-strength tractor?  hmmm?

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  1. Daddy Yankee on

    Playstation 3 looks like its going to be a great concole i hope it comes out soon.

  2. Don Omar on

    Its going to be 300% better then xbox 360 but the cost of $600 dollares is going to hurt your wallet.

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