It’s Over. The Next Generation Victor of Gaming is Already Cast.

wait a minute:

“Daiwa’s Maeda says that Microsoft isn’t out of the race yet; the company had released its console half a year before its competitors, which gives it an upper hand in mass production and cost cutting.”

the 360’s not out of the race yet?  “had released?”  “half a year?”  dude.  the last time i checked, it was the only one IN the race with no official launch dates from anyone else.
*sigh* anaylists rule.



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  1. firerock on

    What do you expect Japanese analysist to say about their beloved Sony. Of course they still believe that PS3 will rule the land of rising sun; and I have to agree with him. But outside of Japan, I doubt PS3 will be that competitive. With PS3 release as TBD, I wonder how long can Sony hold off their ground.

  2. MacAttack on

    I wonder if they don’t announce anything by the end of this quarter does that mean the PS3 will not be introduced by the end of the second quarter, “I mean there is no way”. Unless they want another ms disaster or worse.

  3. Oncnawan on

    But, but teh Cell…

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