Damn my Obsessiveness.

Water! Temple! Bug! Woot!

Pulse Pounding. Head Swimming. Fingers flying manically across my keyboard. Scratching and scribbling noisily, struggling to find just the right word.

Damn this tiny tablet keyboard! My long, gangly fingers mis-stepping the entire way. I feel like I spend more time on the backspace key than actually poking at letters. Argh! Too late.

Sunshine. I need to go faster.

No! I need to concentrate on the next word.

Dinosaur! Got it! 10 points! I’m a genius!

Catching up to Seraphim now. It won’t be long before I claim that coveted top spot. Before I can reap the glory and spread the fear. Behold the giant: m3mnoch!

Um. How the hell do you spell “exuberant?” Wait! No one is going to use that as a tag. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever thought.

Teeth. Simile…. Ack. *click* *click* *click* I meant Smile. No? Clown? 4 Points!

Ranking is falling. There is only 46 seconds left in the round. I’ve fallen to 23rd. I don’t know if I can recover.

Think, dammit! Simple words. Descriptive words.

Fraudulent. What? Fraudulent? Where on earth did I come up with that one? Better yet, who in their right mind would tag a photo as “fraudulent?” And, how on earth did I spell that right the first time?  What?  Next photo already?
Sand! Yes! 8 points. Hanging steady at 23rd. Times almost up!

Erg. I have no idea on this one. 3… Banging out letters. 2… No! Not yet! 1… I can get it!

Too Late.

What? “THE Kevin Federline check out my site yo!” beat me? The absolute shame. I lost out in a competition of cognitive prowess to Kevin Federline? I guess there’s no chance Britney will shack up with me now, eh?

Is it really 9:30 already? Have I really been doing this for an hour? Wow. I need to pull up out of this swirling vacuum of….

Vacuum! I bet that was the last one!

Oops. New round. Gotta hurry.

Puppy? Paw? Fur! Yes! 7 points!

Huh? What? What was the link? Oh, yeah. it’s http://randomchaos.com/games/fastr/.


4 comments so far

  1. gaminghobo on

    Hey! You used the shift key! 😉

  2. m3mnoch on


    yeah. i wrote it up as a submission piece. for real — non-comment, non-blog — pieces i actually do write correctly.

    dunno if i’ll actually submit it now, and i think it’d be hokey to go back and lowercase it on purpose. eh. so, it just got junked up here with caps.

    hella cool you noticed, tho!



  3. m3mnoch on

    oh, and i really do have long, gangly fingers.

    Look! Ben has bunny ears!


  4. paradox on

    Yeah I got long fingers too, so you’re alone there. I’ve played some games that are similar, like InkLink and PeekABoom, those were great too.

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