Measuring Next Generation Console News Coverage

a couple of measurements according to google news.

mentioning the xbox 360

  • 6 weeks before launch: 3,270
  • 2 months after launch: 6,530

mentioning the playstation 3

  • “8 weeks” before launch: 1,930
  • 2 months after launch: ?

mentioning the nintendo revolution

  • “8 weeks” before launch: 329
  • 2 months after launch: ?

now, what happens when we count “xbox 360” and not “playstation 3” and vice versa?

xbox 360 and not the playstation 3

  • 6 weeks before launch: 2,360
  • 2 months after launch: 5,249

playstation 3 and not the xbox 360

  • “8 weeks” before launch: 629
  • 2 months after launch: ?

not that these are scientifically derived. and, there are a lot of mitigating factors: the 360 being first naturally draws comparisons from the ps3, for example, and thus causes a smaller number of hits when excluded from ps3 searches.

still. fascinating stuff to an analytical geek like myself. of course, i’ll update the searches to more accurately match up with the playstation and nintendo launches. but, in the meantime, it looks like microsoft is absolutely owning the pr battle between the consoles.

i only wish i had recorded the actual top 10 headlines for the xbox 360 before launch. ah well. i grabbed them 2 months afterwards, so that will have to do.


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  1. firerock on

    Very interesting analysis. You have to say that MS put their marketing department a good workout. đŸ˜€ Sony is another marketing machine, but unless they are sure of PS3 exsistence, they don’t want their marketing backfires on them. Sony is putting their PS3 and BR life together at a much earlier time frame than they wanted to be. Unfortunetly, once the news is out, everyone is excited about BR in a PS3 so there’s no way for Sony to back out now. Even though I think it was a bad idea that MS decided to have 2 versions of X360, but at least it worked to some degree. No matter what you want to say, console is still a gaming machine, not an entertainment system. Price point is everything and Sony is trying mighty hard to lower it to a reasonable point. I’m still betting a $500 PS3 at launch, if not more. As for the release date….who knows. I wouldn’t want to buy a PS3 that has no software to be shown for now.

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