Dominating the News

something to chew on here.  the first 10 hits for xbox 360 or playstation 3 on google news.

xbox 360:

  1. High resolution Tomb Raider Legend Xbox 360 screenshots – TheManRoom
  2. Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 remote reviewed – Joystiq
  3. Xbox 360 Feb’ Preview Announced – Smart House
  5. Xbox 360 still commands premium price tag – Punch Jump
  6. View Xbox Games in HDTV on Xbox 360 – Removing the Black Bars –
  7. How can I stream media to my Xbox 360 from my Windows XP machine? – SQL Server Magazine (subscription)
  8. Xbox 360 Still Commands Premium Price Tag –
  9. Call of Duty 2 Review – Xbox 360 –
  10. Will DVD-9 Be Enough Storage For The Xbox 360? – Xbox Today

playstation 3

  1. PlayStation 3 faces delays – AVinfo
  2. Pioneer predicts 4-7m PlayStation 3’s to ship by end of 2006 – CD
  3. Sony Japan Pulls Potential PlayStation 3 Launch List – Video Game Generation
  4. A Monster Year for Game Consoles – BusinessWeek
  5. PlayStation 3, conceptual design? – engadget
  6. PlayStation 3 launch date could be delayed – Portal IT
  7. Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3: A Battle for the Ages, or A One Punch … – Digital Lifestyle Magazine
  8. Analysts Predict PlayStation 3 Launch Delay, Unit Shortage – Gamasutra
  9. Playstation 3 launch date in Question –
  10. Sony Reveals Initial PlayStation 3 First-Party Titles – Gamasutra

game announcements, reviews.  mostly good stuff for the xbox 360.  however, the playstation’s list looks like i searched for “give me bad news about the playstation 3” instead.

interesting how, this time around, microsoft is forcing sony to play their pr game.  loads of instant information gratification vs. the old school ‘keep it under the covers’ mentality.

well.  i guess even bad press is still press, right?



4 comments so far

  1. paradox on

    “even bad oress is still press”

    I don’t think that relates to election campaings (which is the console war in essense)

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. that, or religion, i guess.

    i wonder if “Playstation 3 launch date in Question” has any correlation to “Catholic Priests’ Sexual Practices in Question.”


  3. free xbox 360 console on

    i really want a xbox 360
    but there sold out everywere
    i really wish microsoft would pull there finger out and get them sent to europe

  4. free credit scores on

    free credit scores…

    porches mnemonic defers appealer Murrow involuntarily credit

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