Busy Today

i have to get some retail space out at the mall. i need to visit my cold storage place and get some stuff ready for shipping tomorrow.

and, for god’s sake, i need to get the christmas boxes out of my parking space in the garage and back up into the loft! i’m tired of scraping ice off my car every morning!

anyway. point is i won’t be at the computer for part of the day. damn that work stuff.

in the meantime, however, as i feel bad about not having any good content, i’ll attempt to entertain you with the mural i painted on my son’s wall.

you’ll pardon my crappy photography, of course.



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  1. paradox on

    oh my god that is SO freaking cool
    I was thinking of drawing a sketch of a car on my wall for a while now, this is inspiring me to come back to that idea

  2. firerock on

    Man, you are really multi-talented! Nice painting and photo style.

  3. m3mnoch on

    heh. thanks for the love guys.

    yep. i try to be well rounded. i’ve won macromedia flash site of the day, built video games on contract, sold a watercolor painting to yellowstone as part of a permanent gallery and designed enterprise-level databases capable of easily maintaining localized content.

    i should prolly build a more detailed bio page, eh? folks generally like to make actual person-to-blog connections.


  4. firerock on

    Hey, do share your knowledges! This is what Internet is all about! I would love to see your Flash site and other great acomplishment. By just reading your comments at here and Joystiq, I know you are not a regular Joe already. I enjoy your comments and please share more if you got some time!

  5. paradox on

    Oh yeah, definitely. I am in process of some Flash learning (you saw that tiny game) so I would really like to see a good example set.

  6. m3mnoch on

    heh. okay. tho, the flash site i won with was from waaaaay back.

    here’s some old school for you: 1999 when the movie ‘the bone collector’ came out. i was the sole developer on the website. it was pretty cool going to the movie and seeing your url up on the big screen.

    tho, as soon as it came out on video, the universal pictures folks took over. it is absolute crap now. *sigh* popups and junk. the site is only okay by today’s standards, but, 7 years ago, dhtml was pretty damn hot.

    you’ll have to look at the site itself in ie to use it. tho, that ‘walk the grid’ part is the magic flash section. you’ll have to look at that in firefox here: http://www.thebonecollector.com/bone_flash.html

    why they put in some crazy javascript to redirect out of it, i’ll never know. luckily, it only works in ie. again, you’ll have to think about the site in the terms of 7 years ago. it was, like, flash 2 or 3.

    the company i cofounded actually ended up doing all of universal pictures’ movies from ‘for love of the game’ to ‘erin brockovich.’ i actually wish i could find the original flash intro thing i did for http://www.erinbrockovich.com. it was much cooler than the one they built for the video release. it had this cool glass of water that slid across the screen, tipped and spilled into a montage thing.

    the coolest one was probably man on the moon. we got flown down to universal studios for a screening of the movie. without final audio and all. it was even broken apart on 3 beta tapes. pretty cool stuff.

    anyway, i got out of the ‘interactive agency’ thing in 2002. decided services based industries were ‘the devil!’

    heh. and i don’t know about ‘great acomplishments.’ i’ve got a pretty decent resume, but nothing on the scale of world altering.


  7. m3mnoch on

    i’m trying to think of the last cool thing i did in flash.

    hmmm… ah! totally forgot! i did this one too:

    that was in 2003. nothing really too fancy. tho, i do like the little touches like the light reflecting across the logo.

    edit: i should also add that i was freelancing when i did that too.


  8. Kevin D on

    Hey there…

    Love the mural… Should probably do that in my kids room too, but just too darn busy lately…. LOL…

    Nice site….

    Hey, email me with your yahoo/whatever email account if you’d like to join a ‘mature XBox 360 gamers site’.. Its limited to 200 members only, excellent site that I think you would thoroughly enjoy visiting and gaming with… Great group of guys/gals, nice forum and even some get togethers for some gaming of course…LOL…

    If not, no problem…

    Peace out…

  9. paradox on

    That is majourly cool.

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