Man. I’m a Tard.

man, i’m a tard and just like to argue. i was once told i’d argue with a stump, to which i immediately replied “i would not!”


read on for more drudgery on blu-ray and hardware controller designs and me debating with bd.

you’d think i’d have better things to do. yep. i sure do.

damn my stupid need to be right.

/heads into the kitchen to make some coffee



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  1. Carl on

    Thumbs up!

    You’re points are very well thought out and pretty valid about anything dealing with the new next-gen consoles. bd is also quite wise about his knowlege in videogame companies but often blurts out too many rediculous non-important negative facts about the 360 for me to accept his opinions about the future of gaming systems.

    Anyways… keep it up and keep posting on this and joystiq.


  2. peteremcc on

    Hey man,

    thought i should let you know as you probably missed it…

    earlier today you were on the ‘fastest growing blogs’ list on the dashboard.

    well done 🙂

  3. m3mnoch on

    woot! that’s pretty cool!

    thanks guys.


  4. gamer1 on

    You sucked me into the topic, haha. Anyway, like it said on one friend’s shirts, “Winning an argument on the internet is like winning the “Special Olympics�, even if you win, you’re still a retard.� With that said, try not to get sucked in. Instead, be above all of it. Promote the best qualities that each side has to offer, rather than point out their mistakes. If you feel that your side is stronger, it’s better for them to find out that you were right on their own rather than forcing your opinion on them.

    Anyway, nice content finds for all the Xbox 360 topics on Joystiq. Mad props to you! I especially like the “Internet Troll� link you sent for the “Geometry Wars sell over 200k� topic. I’ve seen so many people like that on Joystiq that it makes me wonder sometimes. Anyway, nice blog site. I have my own as well.

    I think that BD has his own site regarding his views on the original Xbox too. Anyway, I’ll see you on the Joystiq forums! Keep up the good work.


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