so. yesterday. over on a joystiq thread. i posted about how my xbox 360 isn’t hot at all. in fact, my router power cord/transformer runs hotter.

this morning, friday the 13th, i woke up and my power adapter for my router had died. the very same one i had just mentioned in my comment post. of course, the whole network went down, etc. whoops.

45 minutes later, after talking to qwest, explaining to them that there’s a reason i have a business account and “no. getting a new adapter on monday isn’t good enough.” i was still out of luck. found a 500ma transformer (instead of the old 600ma supply for my router.) laying around from an old print server.

it seems to do okay. flashes in and out every couple of hours. i should just disable the wireless until we get the new power supply on monday. save a little bit of the juice anyway.


ah well.


so.  turning off the wireless totally worked.  the missing 100ma of power isn’t missed at all now.  the router is staying up.  everything is all good — except!  it totally sucks to be tethered.  driving me crazy!  erg….


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  1. paradox on

    A friend of mine broke his gamecube AC adapter a few years back. He could not find another one ANYWHERE, so he tried to order one from nintendo, but something or other ..glitches..problems…something something..he ended up buying another gamecube, so now he has 5 controllers, 2 gamecubes, 5 games 2 memory cards but only 1 AC adapter. (And everything is in different colours too, silver and black. Looks really awkward)

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. i hear that. i have 2 routers. 1 ac adapter! … well … 0 ac adapters actually.

    hey. i didn’t notice you were from toronto. that’s pretty cool. i have a good friend up there. been out there a few times too. (business, not personal. tho, it’s on our list.) i always tell folks it’s a great town. and, far enough from montreal that you don’t have to put up with their freakiness, but close enough to enjoy visiting.


  3. paradox on

    Hey, I noticed your blog on the fastest growing list, cool!

  4. m3mnoch on

    woo hoo! tho. it’s not called m3mnoch’s rumblings. ah well.


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