The Playstation 3 Price

all of this price speculation on the ps3 has me thinking exit strategy.

here’s a thought, say, the playstation 3 comes out at $599.

the good:
it has a high percieved value. it doesn’t do too much to foster channel conflict. it makes blu-ray cementable (as they can use that pricepoint to compete with stand alone hd-dvd players). they won’t sell enough to sink the company. losing out in a low margin hardware war with microsoft isn’t percieved as really a loss — just another victim of the ‘evil’ monster microsoft. ‘pulling a sega’ might work for their console unit. they have the successful psp and emerging mobile unit to lean on.

the bad:
eating crow by not leading this next console generation — or any generation afterward. do they really have any first party developers anymore?

i really can’t think of any other bad things…. maybe this is actually what they will do…. hmmm.

okay! that seals it.

you heard it here first: the playstation 3 will be priced at $599.

what do you guys think?



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  1. MacAttack on

    My prediciton was $500-600. $600 ofcourse would be the smart route for sony considering how much people were willing to pay for the 360 on ebay and an obvious upcoming shortage for the PS3 when it debuts. Hell why not $700 even if sony made a drastic price drop with in a year, they still would not loose much customer base it would be the same idea that im getting a deal since its $200 cheaper a year later. And they would still have instilled the idea in peoples head it cost more because its a better product. They have adopted this idea with all their electronics why not there next gen console!

  2. m3mnoch on

    that’s a good point. look at how much xbox 360’s were going for on ebay. it’d just be hard to dust off that stigma of launching with a $700 console…

    and, how ripped off would you feel if you bought one retail for $700 and a year later it was $500? hmmm…. kinda like buying a video card for your computer, huh? maybe it’s not a bad idea at all.


  3. MacAttack on

    Ok maybe 700 is to steep even for sony, but 600 initially should have no problem. I mean the psp is selling at 250 and its a handheld with no real games, and its still selling fairly well. So 400 for a next gen console coming from sony would be a steal. 500 would be moderate, and 600 is SONY!

  4. Voorshwa on

    Completely off topic, but Mac, you wouldn’t happen to be the same MacAttack from the Blackhand WoW server would you? Just wondering.


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