FFXI Online Install Nightmare

i’m so very glad i’m not the only one.

this choice quote echoes my own feelings.

On the PS2, which didn’t have a complete Online solution like Xbox Live, Play Online’s existence was justified and even welcomed. On Xbox 360… not so justified, and definitely not welcomed.

all of you folks out there who don’t have xbox live and still believe that the “free” interfaces that sony is pushing really just don’t know what you are missing.



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  1. MacAttack on

    No they don’t know what they are missing because even the free online xbox live wanna-be’s out there are still crap compared to xbox live!

  2. m3mnoch on

    never was it more apparant than with ff xi. it would have been so very sexy if they had ditched playonline for xbox live. or if they had installed everything to the hard drive and you didn’t need the disc. or if they didn’t install anything and ran it from the cd.


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