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from a comment over on kotaku.

I agree that it’s not the time for DVD to be replaced but as far as this “war” goes, the PS3 is definitely going to play a huge part in Blu-Ray beating out HD-DVD.

No one is going to go out and buy stand alone HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players (how many people do you know who own DVD-Audio or SACD players?) and the HD-DVD unit for 360 is a joke. The PS3 however is inevitably going to sell millions so the installed base for Blu-Ray is going to blow away HD-DVD. The PS3 is basically a trojan horse for Blu-Ray.

It’s an unprecedented event, as new media formats are usually around for a few years before being used in a game system.

There’s no such thing as a sure thing in this industry but if there was, the failure of HD-DVD and the success of Blu-Ray (at least in comparison to HD-DVD)is about as close as it can get.

it amazes me to no end to that people think the playstation 3 being the only blu-ray player in existence is a good thing. and how it will drive blu-ray adoption instead of hd-dvd. that’s apple vs. the pc all over again. one single-company expensive system vs. a multi-company cheap system.

meaning, with the cheap blu-ray player playstation 3 being the only blu-ray player on the market and every single other hardware manufacturer supporting hd-dvd — for the same price. (because sony is undercutting every blu-ray player manufacturer but they can actually compete in high-definition dvds with the hd-dvd format because it’s priced similarly to the ps3 and they can make a profit.) what’s sony’s advantage? oh, that’s right. they can try to make up the loss with a 12 game attach rate.

tho, he is right about the new player coming out in a console is an unprecidented event. there’s a reason no one has done it before.

ah, to be a fly on the wall at samsung, sony or pioneer.

for real. i promise soon i will stop talking about blu-ray.



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