Price not Quantity Should Matter for Blu-Ray

seems to me like blu-ray (yes, more optical media banter) should be less concerned with the number of titles they produce and more concerned with their pricepoint.

great couple of articles:

i’m particularly pleased with beta news that they talked to both camps at relatively the same time.  that works well to get a snapshot of opinion.
anyway.  it’s about pricepoint.  for example, what retail chain in america sells the most dvds?  yes.  walmart.  now, what retail chain in america has the smallest title selection?  yes.  walmart.

the heart of the american consumer is about focused pricing strategies, not “we have more selection.”  if that were the case, walmart wouldn’t exist.  we’d all be shopping at quaint little specialty stores.

again, like beating a dead horse:  look at the reasons betamax failed over vhs.


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  1. tracy dell on

    nice post

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