Final Fantasy XI Beta for the Xbox 360

all i have to say is OMGWTF?!?!?

what the hell kind of registration is this? two hours of torture!

seriously. i’ve never endured such pain for a beta program. BY GOD! if you have a usb keyboard, seriously, plug it in!

oh, and yes. when it says final fantasy will install in 57 minutes? it’s not kidding. what the hell is going on?

anyway. i haven’t actually played it yet (as, i’ve been installing for the last hour and 15 minutes.) but, hopefully it will be worth the agony.

those of you without a keyboard, you have my condolences. you will appreciate the xbox’s integrated controller friendly registration after this one, i promise.


lord help us.

so. it’s been 3 hours now. in the middle of downloading updates for ffxi. holy-hunk-of-shit-software, batman.

why does it feel the need to copy everything to the hard drive instead of just cache changes?

21 minutes to go according to the counter…

oh, and be sure you WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAYONLINE ID!

you read it here first!  easily knock your 3+ hours of install time down to “only” 2.5 hours.  RTFM!

anyway.  i got in and played a bit.  it was fun.  there were only a couple dozen people i saw running around.  but, aside from the horrendous ui, it should be cool to play with some friends.



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  1. nihill on

    Ah, our “little guy’s” first MMO, I’m so proud

  2. m3mnoch on

    which is funny, ben, since i was running around on diku mud’s, moo’s and mush’s back in my freshman year of college. how old were you then? 7? 8?

    heh. yeah, they caused my 1.5 gpa that first semester….


  3. nihill on

    I’m not sure chris, what year was that? I might have been in junior high 🙂

  4. m3mnoch on



  5. Deth on

    When did you get the demo? is it in the latest OXM?

  6. m3mnoch on

    yep. i have a subscription.


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