Actual Quote from Blu-Ray

one more thing i should quote:

“Parsons said he expects the adoption rate for Blu-ray to be much like DVD, with home theatre afficionados being the first to purchase its $1,800 unit. With only 10 percent of households running HD capable TVs, the format has a long way to go.”

from the Blu-ray: What Format War? article.

agreed.  it has a long way to go.  enjoy taking a $1000 loss on each ps3 until that adoption happens, sony.


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  1. MacAttack on

    Actually this is the essay I had written on Joystiq before I came to this site, its still work in progress and with your permission I will use some quotes from your site.


    This is what I think is going to happen and its an opinion coming from a 28 year old econ grad consumer with an average salary (I know for a fact its average) that likes high tech stuff.
    1) Xbox 360 will conquer because its a reasonable price for a next gen console which isn’t that much next gen.
    2)Sony with the PS3 once again is ahead of their game like the PSP is to handhelds with all the expensive hardware but with no games which will not look much different on an Xbox 360. They want to create the next media standard with blue ray but people are perfectly happy with there current DVD’s like me.
    3)People will buy the Rev., its inexpensive an alternative to buying the PS3 but still having a second console, and also trying out there new technology but won’t cost them a fortune.

    And it all boils down to consumer spending I believe, the economy is not that great even though our President claims it’s getting better. Who wants to start their whole movie collection all over again, not me! Who still thinks $50 not to mention $60 is too much for games, everyone! Thus blue-ray hardware and media will be costly.

    So Sony’s mistake will put Microsoft on top or head to head with Nintendo because blue-ray will not be disruptive technology. It’s going to fail like Betamax did when it went against the VHS. VHS was not as sharp or as good quality but it was an inexpensive alternative. Than came Laser Disk and that as well failed miserably.

    I believe that the supply of Xbox 360’s after Xmas will surpass demand which in turn lower the price drastically by the time PS3 launches(Hasn’t happen yet since they still can’t meet demand). This will hurt the PS3 launch plus the debut of Halo 3. This will be a very interesting outcome but in the end it’s the average consumer not the hard core gamer that decides who wins this war. And I mentioned it before that it’s all about consumer spending, people would rather pay $300-400 for a next gen console than $500-600. So us fanboys be it Microsoft or Sony, we are the minorities.

  2. m3mnoch on

    absolutely. take my content and run with it!

    all i ask is just be kind enough to point folks back here.


  3. paradox on

    1800 seems pretty pricey for a new format. Were DVD players this expensive?

  4. m3mnoch on

    nope. funny enough, tho, the most expensive one i bought was a sony for $500.


  5. Toby Cook on

    I think Blu Ray will win the format war

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